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Take a stroll through the health and wellness section of any bookstore, and you’ll notice that many of the tomes on display are devoted to one of two ways of eating: low-carb or low-fat.
The premise behind low-carb diets (think Atkins and South Beach) is that limiting breads, pasta, starchy veggies and fruit can help you shed pounds by keeping your insulin levels in check. The basic rationale behind a low-fat diet doesn’t seem like much of a stretch: Limit fat, lose fat. A 2010 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine compared low-carb and low-fat diets and discovered very little difference between the two when it came to weight loss.
Shake – 1 serving whey protein isolate (25 to 30 g) with 1 level tbsp of almond butter and 1 serving of Clear Fiber. A low-carb way of eating does include fresh vegetables and fruit so the info in the article is somewhat misleading. Initially as you quit the carbs from sugar and processed grains you will feel a little off for a few days as your body adjusts, but then you will feel healthier and more energetic.
LCHF Diet BookThis website supports "The Complete Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet" book which became available for sale in May 2014. We have spent much of our time in the last two years supporting readers and creating 3 more recipe books for Low Carb High Fat dieters. Please be patient but feel free to contact us at any time for specific questions you have about the Keto Hybrid diet.

Both have their merits and their downfalls, so which is the right approach to weight loss for you? Insulin is the hormone that regulates how much sugar is absorbed by our cells to be used as fuel. Since fat has nine calories per gram, as opposed to protein and carbohydrates, which have only four calories per gram, many believe that reducing your fat intake is an easy way to cut calories and drop a dress size.
Low-carb dieters did drop more pounds in the first three months, but two years later, dieters from both groups had evened things out with an average weight loss of about 15 pounds. You can place the ingredients in a shaker cup and add cold water when you are ready to enjoy your high protein snack.
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Researchers found the main difference between the two diets lay in cholesterol levels: Low-carb dieters had a 20 percent increase in HDL (good) cholesterol after six months — more than twice the increase of the low-fat dieters. When your insulin levels remain steady, your body is more likely to burn stored fat for energy. Also, low-fat diets are often hard to follow in the long term, because fat helps us feel full and satisfied. But the problem with eliminating (or seriously restricting) any one food group is that it’s very hard to sustain in the long term.

And if you’re constantly hungry and plagued by cravings, your diet is going to be tough to maintain. Even better than depriving yourself by cutting carbs or fat from your diet is following a more varied strategy. Removing “good” fats from your diet can also negatively affect your cholesterol and hormone levels, since fats are a necessary building block of these essential compounds.
In an ideal world, your food intake—at every meal—would comprise 35% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 30% fat.
Let’s not forget that carbohydrates give us energy and boost our moods, so some people may find they feel unusually tired and irritable when they cut them.
If you’re trying to lose weight, start by eliminating unhealthy fats (like saturated and trans fats) and bad carbohydrates (including sugar, white flour and anything processed). And because healthy carbs like vegetables and fruits are alsoa rich source of fiber, restricting them causes constipation and other digestive issues, as well as nutrient deficiencies.

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