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This recipe is from one of Dana Carpender's books and they were called "Jeanette Wiese's Best Pancakes I've Ever Had!". The good news is that Dana's counts are way off and there are fewer carbs per pancake than it says in the book. This week’s Blogging Marathon theme is Members choice, where SriValli asked the BM members to give them their wish list of dishes to make and we are required to pick one of those items. You must have seen my Food Find post on Whey Protein where I have outlined some of the frequently asked questions about whey protein and explained its health benefits. I usually make a double batch of these pancakes and freeze one batch whereas put the remaining batch in the refrigerator. Mix the dry ingredients in a medium bowl: whey protein powder, almond meal, baking powder and sugar substitute.
If you are cutting, you want to think about lowering your carb intake a little and leaving them for right around workout times only. Wait a couple of minutes, until the batter bubbles and hardens around the edges, then flip. The best bodybuilding workouts, supplement reviews and nutrition tips straight to your inbox.

The pancakes were soft and spongy, yet were very filling and kept me without going hungry until late afternoon. If you want something that's much closer in flavor and texture to real pancakes, I recommend Carolyn's Yummy Pancakes.
I have picked Non-Indian breakfast, and the immediate thought that came to mind are pancakes.
This is a great recipe to give to kids, who normally refuse to take protein in any other form. Cook until you either see bubbles form on the surface or the batter has formed a kind of skin on the top.
We love pancakes and it is a tradition that we go have brunch on most Sundays after we attend Sunday mass and the obvious choice during brunch is pancakes. If you have been eating low carb for almost a year, you get bored with the regular egg based dishes and protein shakes. It helps especially when given for breakfast, as it would keep you fueled and energetic throughout the day. Of course, we all like our morning protein pancakes, so here is a recipe that will satify that carb itch while keeping them low.

Here, I have made a healthy high protein and low carb twist to pancakes that will be a hit with kids and adults alike.
I was in such a state, when I completely avoided grains and carbs when I was pregnant with my second son, as I had gestational diabetes. She also called for a little Splenda, but I left that out because of the sweetener in the whey powder. As stated in the book, the batter is extremely thick, but despite what the recipe tester said, mine did form bubbles like regular pancakes.
I had to make pancakes that will help me stick to my diet and also would keep my blood sugars under control.
I've decided to add a pinch of salt to the ingredients because I thought they tasted slightly flat.

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