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If there's anything you're not sure of, feel free to refer to our Atkins Induction rules - low carb food lists. For the first 1-2 weeks it is probably safer to stick with diet jelly and then experiment after that. All that's left I would say are things like salads, vegetables and snacks which I should complete today.
Are there any biscuits (preferably home-made), sweet or savoury, that we can have during induction? They usually contain almond flour but you might be able to find an induction friendly macaroon. I love all these recipes but sometimes need the hard copy to motivate my terribly bad culinary skills! BTW Sherrie – thanks so much for your recipes that you posted – I will use these too – just sometimes I need the real thing, in book form, right in front of me!
This Indian variation of Atkins is broken down into the traditional Atkins Phases, with Indian food suggestions for each phase.
In the first two weeks you can fit most low carb Atkins Induction foods into an Indian menu.
Focus on cooking with eggs, chicken breasts, fish, olive oil, cheese, yogurt, ricotta cheese and veggies. Low carb Indian dishes such as Moong Dal Dosa (recipe below) and paneer fit perfectly into the Atkins Induction phase.

Make thin dosas out of besan (chickpea flour) and use them as a low carbohydrate substitute for roti. Slowly add some higher carbohydrate veggies to your Indian dishes: Green peas, black eyed peas, rajma, chole, sprouts. Add single carb-contolled servings of fruit: Mangoes, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes, grapefruit, dried and fresh apricots, cantaloupe, cherries, peaches and plums.
To increase your carb intake, eat a small amount of roti with every meal or have a single serving of brown, par boiled rice. This eight-page low carb eBook was developed by the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at San Jose State University. Carb Counts for Indian Foods outlines the phases of the low carb diet and lists the carb counts of over 100 Indian foods, in serving sizes with 15 gm of carbs. Priya Aurora’s blog, Keto for India features authentic low carb Indian recipes with great keto ratios. Priya shares her success story, getting fit and losing weight by switching to a ketogenic lifestyle.
Mix together one half cup of ricotta cheese or creme, two packs Splenda, walnut or pecan bits and mocha (coffee). A huge collection of low carb recipes suitable for Atkins Induction - phase 1, with many more still to add, enjoy!
You could eat them in the first week no worries so these will definitely be fine for induction.

If anything looks out of place please let me know because I haven't done induction for ages so it is always possible. I will post again when it is complete so you know as this thread doesn't update as a new post or anything when I edit it.
That said induction is only 2 weeks, you could start experimenting after that with nut meals.
Looked on the internet and found a few low carb recipe books (The Big Book of Low-Carb Recipes and Low-Carb Cookbook For Dummies) these look good – quick and easy but there is so much more to choose from – which one shall I go for?
Grind coriander, cumin and fennel seeds in a spice grinder (such as a clean coffee grinder) or a mortar and pestle until the mixture resembles coarsely ground pepper.
The other ones that I have not listed here in this thread, unless they contain a non induction food like Almonds as in the quiche Lorraine with a crust they should be fine if you made them into smaller serves again to eat as a side dish with say meat.
Transfer the shrimp to the baking sheet with the oranges and roast until pink and curled, about 6 minutes.

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