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I’ll be traveling to see each of my children for the holiday, who live in opposite directions, over the next couple of days. I am continuing to challenge myself even through the holidays, eating low carb, and hopefully I’ll see the scales move again over the next few days.
Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available! All material provided on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. For lunch I had a grilled chicken breast leftover from my takeout the night before, with a small slice of cheese (.67 ounces) off the block. Cheese off the block is healthier (less ingredients, preservatives), and usually cheaper too. I love showing you my “recipe fail” kitchen experiments, because you always come up with creative ways to fix them!
I had a whole bag of Fisher Pecan Cookie Pieces – which are basically just crushed pecans (nothing else added).
The only thing I would do different with this recipe is use 1 less TBSP of butter, and make it in a silicone mold instead – and make little squares instead of trying to make one big pan of it.
2) Can you send me a link or tell me how to find the recipe for the Peanut butter fudge…so I know amounts and what kind of peanut butter to be using. To give you some quick and easy low carb meal ideas, here are photos of the low carb foods I’ve been eating myself lately. This was a quick low carb lunch idea, basically using up what I still had left over in the refrigerator after the holidays (ingredients to make Pigs in a Blanket for the kids). Speaking of, I decided to make Pigs WITHOUT Blankets the next day, which turned out delicious!
Another thing I had leftover from the holidays was a two pound pack of Snow Crab Legs in the freezer. I had company one night so I made the crab legs, with melted butter on the side of course, caesar salad (minus the croutons), and mozzarella stuffed mushrooms.
The next morning I had what was leftover of the hamburger steak with a side of cottage cheese for breakfast. There was enough chicken & veggies left over to make for a great no-fuss breakfast the next morning.
Here is a fun quick photo tour of all the great low carb meals on my recent trip to Orlando.
Scroll through for easy ideas when you’re eating out yourself, and want to make healthy low carb choices. This trip was a work conference I really enjoy, and a great opportunity to meet up with friends from all over the world. I had to get up super early for this flight, and ended up having half a package of sunflower seeds before my morning flight. I had lunch at the hotel pub that afternoon, and was impressed to discover a low carb option on their menu! I ate at the hotel pub again later that night, but this time I ordered the Caesar Salad with grilled salmon (no croutons). Later that night I went up to the VIP Party for a bit, and admittedly… had a few too many drinks. For obvious reasons I was late getting started the next morning, so I got breakfast take-out from the buffet. I had a super early lunch the next day (I just had coffee for breakfast) and got it to-go from the pub so I could eat in the conference room.
I ended my trip by meeting up with Kathy, a low carb friend I made on Instagram, and we had a delicious low carb lunch and GREAT conversation!!
All of these meals were from the Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, and the attached Florida Mall. It’s a great place to stay, with a restaurant and pub AND a Starbucks right in the hotel and conference area. Anyway, I hope that quick photo tour gave you some meal ideas you can make at home, or order when you’re out & about! Paleo and Low Carb are very similar and have a lot of crossover, with just a few distinct differences.
I travel by choice, often to industry conferences or to visit friends – and often to see friends AT the industry events. I have been following you for some time, and especiall enjoyed your photo journal of your visit to Orlando (where I live) You do make it look so easy and delish! It was great meeting you and learning about your blog and low carb lifestyle while in Orlando at the conference. The 3IMAX low carb challenge is coming to an end in a few days (on Wednesday, July 15th) and many of us are planning to continue on with the KISS concept.

This tank came as part of a new 3-piece outfit I ordered, and the sports bra I got this time is AWESOME.
This hamburger steak with double green beans usually makes two full meals for me, but I ate almost ALL of it last night. Otherwise, follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see my low carb meals on my road trip and while I’m at the beach. Before I head out, I wanted to give you a quick update with my most recent meals & macros. I had two Michelob Ultra beers on the boat, which are 2.6 carbs each, and a few pieces of mild cheddar cheese (sliced off the block). My own eggs always end up scrambled – even if I am attempting an omelet or fried eggs, lol.
Ricky cooked up extra sausage to send home with me – YES, he’s an amazing guy!!
I grabbed a bottled water on my way out the door, and snacked on some Blue Diamond Almonds while I was running around. I just toasted the bread, and added mayo & dill pickle + Oscar Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken Breast slices. The leftovers above were a second order of this same plate I’d had the day before (below). I find it always helps to have something to look forward to, something to motivate you to stay on track with your goals. Our low-carb lunch recipes, including low-carb salads, low-carb chicken recipes, easy sandwich recipes and more, are perfect lunch recipes to pack for work or enjoy at home. All of those sugar free candies and bars are made with Maltitol: Not a good sugar substitute.
A couple of things I can recommend when you feel whimpy… Powerade Zero is good to put electrolytes back and Plain old Beef or Chicken broth. It was late morning, so I got grilled pork tenderloin & fried eggs from a little local place.
I ordered a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with no croutons, and added an order of grilled shrimp. As you can see in my MFP Diary below, I just enter in the ingredients individually to get the most accurate carb count & macros I possibly can. It was much better, and I FELT much better all day, but now I can finally say… this too HAS passed.
This is NOT my favorite low carb breakfast, but I was out and about that morning – and HUNGRY.
I cooked the entire pack of bacon so I could pack the leftover bacon with me on my trip the next morning. Nashville Airport is fairly small and usually a breeze, but it was packed at 5am that morning – and I almost missed my flight, even though I was there 2 hours early. Plus I can often find nonstop flights, and their website is super easy for booking flights! By the time I put a small laptop, a few snacks, a sweater, a book, etc into a shoulder bag – well, it’s just easier to roll a small carry-on! I was FAMISHED by the time I landed in Orlando (after my flight nap, lol) so I finished my sunflower seeds on the cab ride to my hotel. And I grabbed it to go because I had to be in the conference room quickly – as I was speaking on a panel shortly. I ordered a seafood salad that had crab, shrimp, avocado – and a baked parmesan wedge. I ordered the bunless burger again (so good!!) with green beans this time instead of broccoli. I’ll share that meal and all the fun things we talked about that day with you in a next post.
The pub was open more than the restaurant, and they were GREAT with special orders – very accommodating. I eat as clean as I can on low carb (as you can see from my photos), but I’m not super strict about it (ie my coffee creamer). I work from home as a professional blogger, international speaker and I also do some consulting. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have been cutting carbs out and intermittently fasting. I chose the low carb lifestyle because I have chronic pain & inflammation issues from a car accident when I was younger. It very well could have been the alcohol, or maybe just the heat – or possibly part of your monthly cycle.
Or if I do cook (rare, lol) I go ahead and cook extra to last at least another meal – if not two.

I didn’t get hungry again until almost bedtime, when I ate a couple of leftover sausage patties. The cold itself was pretty wimpy, but the chills and overall icky feeling totally did me in. I’ve been trying to share my low carb meals on Instagram and Facebook as I go though, but I miss sharing my low carb food diaries with you here!
Every other brand on the shelf has a whole paragraph of ingredients I can’t even pronounce!
I leave for my next trip in 12 days, this time to Orlando – where I look forward to lots of lovely low carb meals, and tons of fun with my friends! You can easily dress it up or down, add a sweater or blazer, and wear it at least three seasons out of the year.
I have heard others talk about options, but I rarely drink wine anymore so I wasn’t paying close attention. Whether youa€™re following a low-carb diet or trying to cut back on carbs to lose weight, our low-carb lunch recipes are easy options for a satisfying lunch. While I was out picking up my take-out, I stopped by Walgreens and picked up some Atkins bars, almonds and sugar free candies. Are you just going over your numbers by that time of day, or losing interest, or what exactly? I do eat out a lot, so hopefully my food journals here will prove helpful to you when you’re eating out in the evenings.
The sweeteners to avoid include sugar alcohols sorbitol, maltitol, and mannitol; they cause vigorous rises in blood sugar and provocation of small LDL particles, not to mention gas and diarrhea. They each have different ingredients, but you can look at the nutrition facts for each (and their natural line) on the website. You would think food poisoning, liquid diet days, ridiculously low calorie days etc would result in weight loss naturally. I ate smaller meals more frequently as I was definitely feeling better, but didn’t want to push it. I basically looked around my kitchen at what I had on hand, trying to figure out something I could whip up real quick. It makes for a great low carb breakfast or lunch without having to mess around in the kitchen. Keep me posted of any events going on in your area and maybe we can get together for lunch and to hang out (again!!) if I make it your way. It definitely could have used some feta cheese or something – and no mushrooms with strawberries.
Check out the size chart, and the reviews – it really depends on how you want it to fit too.
It only takes an off plan choice here and there (not even a whole meal!) for me to start gaining consistently. For low-carb meal ideas, try our Veggie Egg Salad for a new take on traditional egg salad or Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken for an easy low-carb salad recipe to pack-and-go. So, question, how do you get the sugar alcohols to come off the carbs for some of these candies? He wants to go out and I try to pick good stuff but end up making bad choices some of the time. Sometimes it’s too warm to wear one, but I find I need one on the actual flight to use as a blanket while I sleep, because I always sleep on my flights. My doctor is monitoring me every 4 months but can’t believe how well my numbers have been doing.
Carbs promote inflammation in the body, so eating low carb is an easy remedy for anyone with inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
He likes to cook on the weekends though, which is GREAT (for me) because we spend most weekends together. If you do experience headaches or leg cramps, sipping on chicken broth is an easy way to replenish your sodium & electrolytes. It is healthier than diet soda or other choices though, and drinking more water has been part of my goal to become healthier overall.
I stayed under 20 net carbs each day (so proud!), but had 2 vodka & diet ginger ales fri as well as sat night. I know not level but I did not have any other dessert or bread yesterday, which is a big, big, biggy for me. Is it common to gain Weight or get bloated in this situation, even if staying under 20 net carbs?

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