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The dressing quantities may need to be adjusted a little to account for different sized vegetables.
I am always looking for a comparable and tasty low fat coleslaw..this is my answer Thanks! Disclaimer I am a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, but I am not a doctor or a R.D. Family loves this cole slaw - including my husband and daughter who usually don't like slaw! Newsletters: Be the first to know about coupons, free samples, contest alerts, our hottest recipe ideas and more! If you like it chilled, cover with cling film, a plate or foil and pop it into the fridge for 20 minutes.Freshly made coleslaw will last up to 3 days in the fridge.

Started by husband and wife team, Ben and Jo, we review the restaurants we visit, write about the recipes that we cook (and eat - yummy yummy), and generally discuss vegetarian health and news. Everyone's nutritional needs are different, for specific medical questions please contact your doctor. For a better experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of IE, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. It is so nice to be able to enjoy crunchy healthy coleslaw without worrying about all the mayo in it!
I sometimes sub a bit of plain fat free yogurt for some portion of the mayo; it all really depends on your tastes. Go with your tastebuds!A few other healthy choices to adda€¦ Sweetcorn, beansprouts or red cabbage, peppers and spring onions.The coating I make includes a small amount of light mayonaisse.

Naughty but nice!Store bought coleslaw can be very heavily coated with mayonnaise which sticks to the arteries! Look for lighter versions of mayonnaise, which have very few E numbers, additives and preservatives.

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