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I came up with this recipe after looking through several recipes for an easy low-fat sauce. I followed Rita's suggestion of first sauteing the onions, garlic and mushrooms, with some thyme. This sauce is really good, although I am not used to the sweetness of it that the sugar brings.
I reduced the carbs in it by replacing the onion soup mix pack (which contains 32 grams of carbs) with my own beef bullion and seasonings (which contain about 3 grams of carbs). Feel free to add red pepper flakes, hot sauce or other seasonings as you like them.  I added a dash of nutmeg as I like how it compliments the parmesan cheese.
I have some ideas but please know I am really outside the box as far as I have an organic garden (it’s not the prettiest) and I make my own stock. I used my veggie stock made from butts and ends of produce I throw into a bag in the freezer, boil down and strain. OK, I made a pot of this today and tried putting a big glob of sour cream in the bottom of the bowl, pouring the soup over it and mixing it in. I thought that cabbage did not freeze well, every recipe I have looked at that has cabbage says not to freeze.

I omitted the sugar and because I couldn't quite get my act together this morning (lol :)) cooked it on HIGH for 3 hours.
I substituted kale, spinach and leeks for some of the cabbage and green onions and threw in mushrooms and garlic. It contains my (often novice) personal commentary and opinions on things and issues that interest me, that I am not an expert in and should not be taken as fact. I input all the ingredients on myfitnesspal app and the carb count was much higher than what is listed. I take all my own food pics, develop my own recipes and do my own web design for this blog. I use several on-line sources to calculate carbohydrate and net carbohydrate counts for recipes of this site. I reserve the right, in my sole discretion, to delete comments made or prohibit specific people from commenting. I took some of the soup and cooked it with boneless chicken breast for an alternative meal adding low fat protein.
I take this very seriously, but you should independently calculate carb counts for recipes on this site before relying on them.

This such an easy recipe, and it was great to be able to just add the meatballs - I made diner524's German Meatballs - and forget about the whole dish. This recipe does make a TON of sauce, I think next time I might cut in half but I will enjoy it again & again.
This is a really easy and flavoursome spaghetti sauce: I'll be making this again and again!
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