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The effect of the Shiitake mushroom enriched diet on lipid droplet deposition of hepatic tissue by Oil Red O staining on rats fed HFD.
Abstract Shiitake mushroom have been shown to have health benefits including lowering plasma lipids and preventing body weight gain. Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Menu Concepts is a team of Accredited Practising Dietitians, who provide professional, personalised, one on one consultations and develop individual weight loss and health programs.
Large corporations like McDonalds™ have responded to the increase in healthier eating by advertising the nutritional analysis of their food products.
The latest figures show that the number of conscientious objectors in NSW has fallen from 10,688 in December to 9732 in the past quarter — a drop of nearly 10 percent. Nationwide, the number of non-vaccinators has also decreased, meaning almost 3000 more children have been vaccinated, according to the latest figures from the Immunise Australia Program. While there are still 36,058 children registered as conscientious objectors, that compares to 39,523 at the end of last year.
And that number is only likely to get even better after Prime Minister Tony Abbott launched his No Jab No Pay plan last month, threatening to strip up to $15,000 in family payments to non vaccinators.

Mr Abbott’s announcement followed The Sunday Telegraph’s No Jab No Play campaign, which has clocked up significant policy wins since it was launch in 2013. That includes new laws introduced to NSW last year requiring parents who wanted to enrol unvaccinated children in day care to prove they had sought information from a medical doctor and formally register their objection. Welcoming the latest figures, NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner said: “It is great that there has been a reduction in the number of conscientious objectors to vaccination — it’s important for the safety of all our children that this continues to improve.
Campbelltown paediatrician and former shadow health minister Dr Andrew McDonald, who backed the law, said he has seen a big difference in children getting catch-up immunisation since the No Jab No Play laws came in.
Greg and Catherine Hughes, the parents who campaigned for immunisation since their one-month-old son Riley died from whooping cough two months ago, said it was a welcome trend. Following the death of baby Riley, The Sunday Telegraph also campaigned for free whooping cough vaccines to be given to pregnant women, a move that was taken up by all states and territories. A High-Dose Shiitake Mushroom Increases Hepatic Accumulation of Triacylglycerol in Rats Fed a High-Fat Diet: Underlying Mechanism.
To remain viable takeaway outlets, cafes, restaurants and patisseries must also respond to the increasing demand with positive health claims and healthier options. The grieving parents from WA launched a Facebook campaign called Light for Riley following their baby’s tragic death in March.

The Australian Paradox: A Substantial Decline in Sugars Intake over the Same Timeframe that Overweight and Obesity Have Increased. The study aim was to assess the potential underlying mechanism of Shiitake mushrooms in lowering plasma triacylglycerol (TAG) in rats fed a high fat diet (HFD). After six weeks’ dietary intervention, the rats were sacrificed, and blood and tissue samples were collected. Our results also showed a positive association between the dosage, liver TAG, and liver ballooning histology. A negative association was found between the mushroom dosage and the ratio of liver PC to PE. This study showed the mechanism of how high-dose Shiitake mushroom (HD-M) prevents obesity by increasing TAG accumulation in the liver, rather than adipose tissue.

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