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One of the biggest problems I hear about when some of my clients begin eating in the Paleo or Primal way, is gallbladder issues and gallstones. Conventional wisdom tells us that gallbladder issues are aggravated by eating large amounts of fat, so of course the standard doctora€™s advise is to avoid fatty foods.
The gallbladder is a small pouch attached to the liver that holds a reserve amount of bile, which it releases into the duodenum, in response to a relatively large amount of fat in the stomach.
When a person eats a standard USDA MyPlate style high carbohydrate diet, over a long period of time (probably years), which is typically quite low in fat, the gallbladder does not get called upon to do ita€™s job very often, and thus the bile inside the gallbladder is not needed.
If a doctor tells a patient that their gallbladder is completely non-functional, then having it removed is probably a legitimate treatment, although still a terrible shame in my opinion. In order to proactively avoid gallbladder issues, or to attempt to rehabilitate any existing condition, my recommendation would be to follow a lower-carbohydrate Paleo protocol. Although high-fat foods are not the cause of gallbladder issues, people often find that they have a sluggish gallbladder when they switch to a high-fat diet, because of the increased fat intake, and therefore an increased load on the gallbladder. A way to help take of the pressure away from your gallbladder, if youa€™re a recent Paleo, Primal, or low-carb convert, is to acquire some high quality digestive enzymes from your local vitamin store.
The take-home message here is that eating Paleo, Primal, or standard low-carb will enable a practitioner to completely avoid any issues with the gallbladder in future life, and possibly reverse any existing damage that has already been done. Gallbladder motility and gallstone formation in obese patients following very low calorie diets. If you found this article useful, please click the a€?LIKEa€™ button below to share on Facebook. Barry Cripps is a Paleo-based Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, who operates out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you liked this article, enter your email below and we will send you a brief and focused newsletter every Thursday morning.
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Plenty of vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products, as well as nuts, poultry, fish and whole grains are included in dash diet menu. The gallbladder diet is a lowfat regimen designed to allow the gallbladder adequate rest and to prevent painful attacks by minimizing the organ's contractions.

The gallbladder diet focuses on lean meats, lowfat dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. Essentially, the gallbladder diet follows a typical food pyramid, with vegetables, fruits, and grains making up the bulk of the diet, supplemented by lowfat dairy products and lean meats in moderation, and with fats and sweets relegated to "sparing" usage.
For many who suffer from gallbladder disease or stones, a low fat diet is recommended to prevent complications. As usual, none of these doctors can tell us why some people have gallbladder issues in the first place. After a while, the unused bile clumps together and hardens, becoming what we know as gallstones. Sometimes the gallstones can be removed, leaving the gallbladder intact, and other times a doctor may insist that the gallbladder has to be removed.
The prescription for treatment is also quite clear, refined carbohydrates, and excess sugars must be cut from the diet. The protocol would resemble a standard autoimmune Paleo plan, which excludes all grains, legumes, and dairy, but also excluding all fruit and starchy vegetables. Oftentimes these people will experience some of the symptoms associated with a gallbladder attack, which is quite scary, and will sometimes push them to either drastically lower their fat intake, or to completely drop their new dietary habits, in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms. I wish to say that this article is awesome, great written and include almost all important infos.
Now beets probably aren't on most peoples favorite food list but they have numerous health benefits especially if juice or eaten raw. Best response came in people whose blood pressure was only moderately high, including those with prehypertension. It stores a substance called bile that is secreted by the liver and required for fat digestion. After its removal (cholecystectomy), the gall bladder diet is necessary because insufficient bile will be available for the digestion of fats, and excess fat in the diet will lead to diarrhea and other unpleasant effects.
Because fat cannot be digested normally, it is important to include plenty of fiber in the diet.
Gallstones are more commonly found in people over 40, so they can take a very long time to form. Ia€™m personally against gallbladder removal, because of the problems it causes to the host after removal, and because I believe that the gallbladder can often be rehabilitated. Ia€™ve spoken to people who have been told by their physician that, they should have their gallbladder removed, even though it was functioning at a diminished capacity, but functioning nonetheless.

While it seems logical that temporarily lowering fat intake to ease the gallbladder back into optimal operation would be a good course of action, ita€™s not easy to do if a person is eating a whole food diet like Paleo. The additional digestive enzymes should aide in the digestive process, and you should be able to wean yourself off the enzymes after a few weeks, by which point your gallbladder should be gaining in strength and capacity.
The Dash (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is a meal plan in which 2,000-calorie-a-day is taken. For people with more severe hypertension, who may not be able to eliminate medication, the DASH diet can help improve response to medication, and help lower blood pressure. While waiting for surgery or other treatments to solve the problem, and after gall bladder removal, the right dietary approach can help minimize pain and optimize health.
Bile is a yellow-green liquid consisting of bile salts, water, cholesterol, lecithin, and trace minerals, as well as the pigments bilirubin and biliverdin. A person with gallstones should add starchy foods to the diet, such as bread, to ensure adequate fiber consumption.
Once gallstones are formed however, there are only a few options available to us to get rid of them. There are a huge number of anecdotal reports on internet gallbladder forums, that pain and gallbladder a€?attacka€? symptoms persist even after removal. In such a situation, I believe that removal should be a last resort, and not a primary course of action. After all, ita€™s not exactly possible to lower the amount of fat in a steak, aside from just cutting off the visible fat deposits. The DASH diet can help lower cholesterol, and with weight loss and exercise can reduce insulin resistance. The gallbladder's function is to secrete bile into the intestines when fat is present and must be digested. Poor diet is the primary cause of a malfunctioning gallbladder, so if a person drastically changes their diet before any irreparable damage is done, the problems can conceivably be reversed.
When the gallbladder becomes diseased, it cannot fulfill its function properly, and several health problems may result.
Certain dietary habits may also cause the production of gallstones, which can become lodged in the bile ducts, causing severe pain -- this pain ranks with childbirth and heart attack as the most severe pain known to medical science.

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