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Flu season tends to rev up this time of year due to the change in weather (common flu viruses as well as other viruses that cause stomach flu-like illness like rotavirus and norovirus all survive and transmit better in cool, low-humidity environments), as well as more pathogens circling among school-age children and getting passed on to their families.
That said, living on only four foods obviously isn’t a great way to get an abundance and diversity of nutrients, which is why the BRAT diet is only intended as a temporary treatment for acute diarrhea and as a first entrance back into the world of solid foods after vomiting has ceased (until a wider range of foods can be tolerated). Of course, if you’re eating paleo (which I generally assume you are if you’re reading my articles) and avoiding grains (and therefore rice and toast), the BRAT diet gets whittled down even further into, yes, the BA diet (bananas and applesauce).
Aside: Although Paleo-friendly toast might seem like a tempting addition (if only for the comfort food vibe), paleo breads tend to be made with extremely hard-to-digest, high-fiber ingredients that will probably aggravate intestinal inflammation instead of quelling it. The good news is there’s nothing inherently magical about bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast; they just happen to be already-familiar items from the Standard American Diet that meet the criteria from the list above. In fact, we know a lot more about gut health now than when the BRAT diet was originally developed, so we can apply our scientific advancements to improve the diet even more. All that said: how can we design a Paleo-friendly diet with the same soothing effects as the BRAT diet, and with an even better nutritional profile? As with the standard BRAT diet, it’s better not to jump immediately from an episode of vomiting and diarrhea straight into solid foods. I won’t pretend that getting the stomach flu is ever a walk in the park, but eating a paleo-ified SCABB diet (and giving yourself plenty of time to sleep and take it easy!) can help shortening the duration of your symptoms and get you back on your feet in record time. You may feel uncomfortable with pain or a burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach. Dyspepsia is thought to be related to the abnormality in gut motility (the speed at which the food moves through the digestive tract). Signs of indigestion can be nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipations, loss of appetite, etc. Sometimes, dyspepsia may be a sign of something more serious like chronic inflammatory bowel disease, Crohns disease, IBS, Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis, ulcers, cancers, etc. If your doctor diagnosed you with simple upset stomach you may decide to go with traditional medicine or any alternative treatment. Traditional medications for dyspepsia would be Antacids like Maalox or Mylanta, PPI like Prevacid or Prilosec, H2 blockers like Zantac or Pepcid, and Prokinetcs like Reglan.
Often times, the patient will get a prescription for PPIs like Prilosec(omeprazole), Prevacid(lansoprazole), or Protonix(pantoprazole), etc.
The best way to discontinue proton pump inhibitors is to slowly decrease its dose and temporarily add on an H2 blocker for a week or two to suppress the acid. H2 receptor blockers include Zantac(ranitidine), Tagamet(cimetidine), Pepcid(famotidine), and Axid(nizatadine). Prokinetics like metoclopramide (Reglan) may be used for patients who have a problem with gut motility (in this case, stomach emptying is too slow). When looking for indigestion cures, we have to start looking at the things that could be causing the problem and alleviate it. Reduce or avoid white flour altogether if you show signs of gluten allergy(this can be checked with a test).
Digestive enzymes in capsules or liquid form help the stomach to break down food proteins for easier digestion.
If you have low gastric acidity, try a teaspoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of filtered water. Homeopathic preparations for indigestion causes and indigestion symptoms by Hylan, HEEL, Boiron, etc. Slippery elm herb is often recommended by herbalists for soothing and comforting dyspepsia. This holiday season, keep your body in balance with natural remedies to treat and reduce common digestive symptoms.
Lights, music, family, boughs of holly — the holidays are known for many pleasant sights and sensations.
So, as summer fades away, it becomes extremely easy to pick up a virus—especially if your immune system is already compromised (hello stress, sleep deprivation, and low vitamin D levels from the vanishing sun!).

You may have heard of the BRAT diet (standing for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast) as a treatment for diarrhea and nausea.
In fact, some pediatricians and other doctors are no longer recommending the BRAT diet due to fears that its low protein and micronutrient content will impair healing rather than expedite it. And, no offense to fruit, is a pretty depressing menu for someone who already isn’t feeling well! So, it’s better to save the toast for when you’re on the mend and your stomach doesn’t need so much pampering. There are plenty of paleo-friendly foods that fit the bill too, and can offer additional nutrition and therapeutic properties not provided by the original BRAT diet.
For instance, we have growing research showing the beneficial effects of certain amino acids in healing the gut (especially glycine, glutamine and arginine), the importance of protein for contracting the lower esophageal sphincter (which helps stop vomiting! Vegetables and meats that have been slowly, gently cooked in a soup or stew will be tender and easy to digest, once your body is ready for solid foods.
Coconut water is basically nature’s Gatorade, packed full of electrolytes (particularly potassium and magnesium), making it extremely hydrating and beneficial during periods of fluid loss from illness. Applesauce contains a special soluble fiber called pectin, which acts as a probiotic in the gut—enhancing levels of bifidobacteria, balancing the gut microflora, and reducing inflammation, which in turn improves intestinal permeability and reduces fluid loss. Bone broth can play an incredibly important role during the stomach flu for two reasons: it’s one of the few super-easy-to-digest foods supplying protein, and its specific array of amino acids (particularly glycine, glutamine and arginine) happen to be perfect for healing the gut. Although the original BRAT diet was based more on theory than controlled trials, bananas’ place in an anti-diarrhea diet is well deserved!
While most stomach flus will subside on their own without complication, be sure to seek medical attention if you’re experiencing diarrhea that lasts more than three days, a sustained fever of 102F or higher, blood in your stools or in your vomit, or symptoms of dehydration (reduced urine, weakness lightheadedness, heart palpitations, very dry mouth or no tears). The abnormal contraction and relaxation of the digestive tract muscles may cause problems in food absorption.
In my opinion, this may be a more successful way to stop Prilosec, Protonix, Prevacid, etc. If you really need those grains, try to incorporate complex carbs into your diet like multi-grain or sprouted grain breads. Many patients were happy with the results after taking homeopathic product called Gastricumeel. Learn about Functional Medicine Wellness Methods and make an appointment with your personal wellness coach on the phone.
It’s a common go-to menu for the stomach flu (especially for children–I even remember my mom following this when I was sick as a kid!!!), but it’s also used for other causes of gastrointestinal distress like food poisoning, infection, or morning sickness.
Also take note that protein can help quell morning sickness!), as well as the role of certain nutrients in maintaining gut integrity and immune function (like my favorite mineral, and the second most abundant mineral in the human body, zinc). This is a great way to get in a wide variety of micronutrients, and if you include stewed beef or lamb, a decent amount of zinc (which boosts immune function and is associated with reduced intestinal permeability and diarrhea duration). It’s even been used intravenously in lieu of medical hydration fluid (though I definitely don’t recommend trying that at home!).  Maple water is another great option here with many of the same electrolytes and a little less sugar. Because fresh apples (especially their skin) contain cellulose, cooking them into applesauce will be easier on your stomach than eating them raw, due to heat’s ability to break down cellulose (peeling is clearly helpful too!). Glycine aids digestion by regulating synthesis of bile salt and secretion of gastric acid, and can help regulate the immune system. Along with being high in potassium (an electrolyte easily lost during episodes of vomiting and diarrhea), bananas contain resistant starch, which helps your gut bacteria generate short-chain fatty acids that stimulate fluid, sodium, and potassium absorption (more on resistant starch here). When you’re in the throes of major digestive distress, focus first on staying hydrated—since you’ll be losing lots of fluid and need to replenish both water and electrolytes. Those can all be signs of something more serious, and severe dehydration can land you in the hospital if left untreated. Indigestion is usually accompanied by the feeling of fullness and epigastric pain (between the navel and the lower part of the chest bone).
Then, the doctor may diagnose you by ordering different tests like CAT scan, X-rays or upper endoscopy.

Well, maybe you can give yourself one day a month to be a€?bada€? for pleasure's sake because being good to yourself includes pleasurable activities. But, the natural and holistic approach should be considered to heal the body so the digestive system will function properly. Side effects of H2blockers may include headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and unusual bleeding or bruising. But prokinetics have very serious side effects that limit their use, including fatigue, depression, , involuntary muscle spasms or movements, drowsiness, anxiety, etc. This may sound strange to give acid for indigestion(upset stomach) or even heartburn, but it works in many patients.
Go easy on seasonings (although ginger can be helpful for an upset stomach), and make sure everything has been cooked long enough to become nice and soft—which means no crunchy vegetables or extra-chewy meats! Arginine can help reduce mucosal inflammation related to gastroenteritis (as well as from other conditions, like irritable bowel disease).
Start with one small sip of clear liquid (coconut water or broth are great here), and if that stays down, wait a while (my rule with my kids is 20 minutes) and then try another small sip. Your doctor may check for presence of bacteria like H-pylori that causes peptic ulcer disease. If you notice symptoms like frequent vomiting, bloody stools, rapid and unwanted weight loss, loss of appetite, strong epigastric pain or other abnormalities, you should report this to your doctor immediately and most importantly pay closer attention to YOURSELFT.
Your body needs raw materials more than ever in order to repair damage and strengthen immunity.
Glutamine serves as important fuel for intestinal cells, assisting in the maintenance and repair of gastrointestinal mucosa—especially during periods of low food intake and high metabolic demands, when glutamine becomes a conditionally essential amino acid. When you feel like you’re tolerating liquids comfortably, you can slowly introduce other SCABB foods (stopping immediately if vomiting resumes).
Without going through the mechanism of action of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), when this medication is stopped the stomach starts to hurt.
But, staying well-nourished during the stomach flu (technically called “gastroenteritis”) can be particularly challenging, because food tends to either exit rapidly or seem incredibly unpalatable. And in case that wasn’t enough, bone broth also contains minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, although it’s a myth that bone broth has more calcium than milk) to help boost micronutrient intake on a limited diet. As your stools become more solid, you can also begin introducing non-SCABB foods, saving very high-fiber items (like raw vegetables) for last. They will work for indigestion because they are acid suppressing agents and will decrease HCL production. Plus, diarrhea can do a number on your intestinal mucosa—including blunting the villi, increasing mucosal inflammation, decreasing enzyme and nutrient transport activities, and decreasing absorptive function—which makes it harder to obtain nutrition from the foods you do keep down. Don’t push yourself to expand your menu before your stomach is really ready for it, but keep in mind that a broad and diverse micronutrient intake will give your body what it needs to heal swiftly. The patient will think that they need to continue with the medicine because they are not better yet. But in many patients the cause of their indigestion is that the HCL(hydrochloric acid) is decreased to begin with. Instead of masking symptoms such as acid indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, heartburn or a hangover, try a homeopathic medicine that works with the body to alleviate discomfort.For example, Boiron makes dissolvable pellets called Nux vomica for symptomatic relief.
The sweet-tasting pellets melt in your mouth without water, and won’t bother an already upset stomach. For a natural indigestion remedy or natural hangover remedy, try it after too much coffee, alcohol, spicy or rich food, or when feeling drowsy after a big meal.

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