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Add your leftover meat to this simple red wine and tomato sauce for a pie that is big on flavour and can stretch to feed an army. The humble roast chicken makes the perfect family meal, especially when teamed up with roast veggies and a jug of homemade gravy.
Make up a tray full of root veggies to slowly bake in the oven, making sure you cook a few more than needed to see you through the next day. Perhaps the easiest way to use up your leftovers, a frittata makes an ideal lunch or quick dinner. Perfect for a dinner party, or even a simple dinner, salmon makes a quick solution when time’s tight.
Try flaking leftover salmon through your favourite salad to make a light dinner the whole family will adore.
A simple piece of grilled steak makes a quick meal that is ideal served up with oven wedges and a simple salsa on the side.
Perhaps the best solution to leftover steak, this handy salad is packed full of flavour and is a great way to get a little bit of meat to stretch to feed to whole family.

An economical meal to feed the family, pair your silverside up with parsley sauce or a dollop of your favourite mustard. Perfect for teaming up with a simple salad, or even for adding to lunchboxes, these patties are the best way to transform your silverside the next day.
Here, tonight’s dinner becomes tomorrow’s hero ingredient, allowing you to alleviate any what’s-for-dinner dilemmas. If you seldom have any leftovers, consider roasting two together to make sure there’s plenty to go around. Here, a zucchini and white sauce filling adds oodles of flavour to the pie that perfectly complements the flaky puff pastry crust. Pair it all up with some simple grilled meat, or just heap into a bowl with a dollop of aioli on top.
Keep the chilli on the mild side and allow people to adjust the seasoning to suit themselves to ensure it suites all palates.
Simply spoon the spicy topping onto crispy potatoes, then finish with a dollop of sour cream and a little grated cheese.

If your family would prefer, try simply grilling the fish in a hot pan until cooked to your liking.
The key to the best Thai beef salad lies in the dressing, which hits just the right balance between hot, sour and sweet. Remember that here time is your friend, so give it plenty of time to gently reach its best. Feel free to add your favourite flavourings, from chilli to extra herbs, to make these patties your own.
From creamy chicken casseroles to tomato-based stews, these hearty classics will undoubtedly get you through those cooler months. A typical roast will easily feed a family of four with plenty of leftovers for the next day.

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