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Low fat food label corner sticker for use on product packaging, websites, or print materials.
After a super-tough ride, run, ski, or climb, what’s your best nutrition option for recovery?  In the world of sports nutrition, there’s a lot of buzz about low-fat chocolate milk.  Since I generally like simple, whole-food nutrition over chemicals and processed foods, the thought of it appeals to me (although many cheap chocolate syrups are made with chemicals – more on this below).  While there are hundreds of sports nutrition foods and drinks available on the shelves, is it possible that a favorite childhood drink holds the secrets to muscle recovery, stronger rides, and lean body mass retention? Then, earlier this year, the University of Texas conducted a series of studies to test the affects of different drinks used in recovery on the performance of cyclists over a one-month period.  The drinks studied included low-fat chocolate milk, a carbohydrate solution sports drink similar to Gatorade, and a calorie-free drink similar to Vitamin Water.
First, it’s no secret that these studies were partially funded by the milk industry.  What does this mean to me? Also, the studies were small in scale.  They were performed on one type of athlete, cyclists, with only 9 and 32 participants in each. Considering the study conclusions in support of chocolate milk, I think we can take their data and do better. 1.  Organic – I recommend organic milk to avoid any hormones or antibiotics that may have been given to cows in conventional dairies. 3.  Yogurt – If you want to boost the absorption of antioxidants, choose plain organic yogurt with honey over organic milk – the healthy bacteria will promote increased antioxidant absorption and better digestion just in time for all the free radicals that abound after exercise.
CartDownload Your Fuel Right Race Light Plan Today!Download your complete nutrition plan instantly! In the UK, several acts and levels of government apply including the European Union Food Laws and the regulations of the UK Food Standards Agency. You might be surprised that youa€™ve downed three servings and want to make appropriate calculations. On the Nutrition Facts label this information is provided for fats (including total, trans and saturated), cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrates (including fiber and sugar) as a weight in grams per serving as well as a % figure for that nutrient based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Some Individuals and groups may require more or less of a nutrient than the recommended Daily Value suggest. What nutrients are not required to be included in the Nutrition Facts Label but can be mentioned by foot note.
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As an awarding-winning medical group, we offer a diverse group of physicians that represent the finest primary care programs available. You can expect to wait six to eight weeks until you are able to return to your usual routine.
If given any other guidelines by your physician upon discharge please follow those guidelines if they differ from the ones below. If you went home with gauze on any of your incisions (e,g., chest tube site or leg drain site), you may need to replace them with new gauze. With your back to the showerhead, use lukewarm water and gently wash your body and cleanse your surgical incisions. Wear loose comfortable clothing that doesn’t place extra pressure on your surgical sites. You can climb stairs once a day if you have a two-story complex or you live on the upper level. Use your pillow when you cough or sneeze to splint your chest to prevent opening your incision or movement of your bone. Avoid any activity that requires you to push or pull something, such as vacuuming, mowing the lawn or walking the dog. Avoid uneven movements such as being pulled out of bed, chairs, or the car by the arm, opening the refrigerator against suction, or opening cans or jars. Avoid placing all your weight on your arms for support when getting in and out of a chair or car.
You can resume sexual activity when you feel comfortable or when you can walk two flights of stairs without any shortness of breath. Upon returning home you will need to modify your diet to avoid further heart complications. The American Heart Association has some great tips on reducing your fat, cholesterol and salt intake. Depending on the type of surgery and your physician, you may be placed on a drug called Coumadin.
If your systolic blood pressure is <90 and you are light headed or dizzy do not take your blood pressure medication.
It will be important to take your heart rate once in the morning and once at night when you take your blood pressure. To take your pulse without a machine place your index and middle finger - NOT YOUR THUMB - on the lower part of thumb where it meets your wrist. If you are diabetic, it is highly recommended that you check your blood sugars regularly for optimal control whether you are on oral medication or insulin. Cardiac rehabilitation is a way for people who have had heart surgery to get going again after surgery.
Who Else Wants to Indulge and Stay LeanSince the days of the Atkins diet in the early 90s many full-fat products have been banished from the shelves, replaced by a low-fat or zero-fat version.

Event though many people made the swap to fat-free products, the number of overweight individuals have not decreased. Did you know that low-fat products not only won’t help you in losing weight, but they are actually make you store more fat than their full-fat counterparts? When fats are taken out of a food such as dairy for example, they have to be replaced with synthetic substances to create similar texture.
Extra carbohydrates coming from added sugar in the low-fat product are more likely to contribute to excess body fat than fat itself.
I bet you didn’t know that sugar causes damage to the artery walls, in which case the body’s natural protective mechanism calls for cholesterol to come in as a patching agent protecting the walls of the arteries. To avoid excess body fat storage instead of having a big serving of low-fat food, have half the amount of the ‘real deal’. We need these healthy fats in our diet for healthy hormone production, absorption of fat soluble vitamins and insulation for the body. Trans fats and most saturated fats are the types of fats you want to avoidA because they can lead to heart disease, clogged arteries, and elevated bad cholesterol.
Margarnies, pies, chips, doughnuts, croissants, cakes, biscuits, deep fried foods and anything with a long shelf life.
Coconut oil, eggs, grass fed meat – these are actually healthy fats but still need to be consumed in moderate amounts. Download Fuel Right Race Light for a full nutrition program (Daily Nutrition & Training Nutrition) today!
The Chocolate Milk cyclists showed improved oxygen uptake at twice the rate as those who drank the other beverages.
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Fuel Right Race Light will help you achieve race weight, optimize daily nutrition, supplements, training nutrition, and more!
I started my coaching plan with Kelli to improve my overall nutrition and fueling at the beginning of my training season, and what a journey.
As an age group triathlete, I started working with Kelli after my coach’s recommendation.
After coming off a stress fracture, I was looking to get back into ultra-running shape and contacted Kelli. Seek the advice of your qualified health provider regarding a medical condition or concern. While one serving (one tablespoon) contains a negligible amount of trans fat, if a person has more than that they will be consuming more trans fats.Other ingredients that are often hiding in 'healthy' foods are high fructose corn syrup, sodium and nitrates.
Joseph Hospital is a values-based Catholic health care provider with a tradition of and commitment to excellence, based on the vision of the Sisters of St. Our physicians value the relationship they have with each of their patients and encourage each patient to play an active role in disease prevention and management. Joseph Hospital is committed to building a healthy partnership between you and your doctor. To help decrease this anxiety, we begin discharge education early in your hospital experience. A good rule of thumb is to check for wetness on the gauze when you remove them, which will indicate that the sites are still draining. Since you may be tired and fatigued from your first day at home, start taking showers your second day at home.
After two to three days, if you feel well enough, you may do light housework, such as folding laundry or dusting. Reposition yourself to the edge of the chair to align your center of gravity with your legs.
If your heart rate goes up or down by more than 20 beats per minute from your resting heart rate, slow down or decrease your activity level.
If your temp is >100 degrees Fahrenheit call your physician and monitor your incisional sites.
You may also want to use the journal to keep track of the medications you are using and their dosages. Keep a list of your medications and take it with you to every physician’s appointment. You can begin the rehabilitation program after the first six weeks at home or when your physician approves. Your body is not designed to metabolise fructose, so it simply can’t cope with large amounts. So in many cases high cholesterol and high triglycerides are not due to too much fats (or eggs) but rather high amounts of sugar in the diet. Furthermore, they added more lean muscle mass and shaved off more fat than those who consumed the carbohydrate drink. Managed to loose 7kg of weight whilst still maintaining all the strength and power output I had previously, equating to around a 10% increase in power to weight ratio in a period of 3 months. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Web site.

By encouraging you to take an active role in your own wellness, we work together so you get the most from your healthcare experience. Your Cardiac Services Nurse Practitioner will assist you throughout your hospitalization and will also provide a majority of the education on going home. Neutrogena, Dove, or soaps with moisturizers are a better alternative since they are not as harsh on your skin. If you have a landing on your stairway, placing a chair there will allow you to sit and rest when needed.
When you do sit down make sure to elevate your legs above hip level to help decrease swelling. If you are a passenger in the car take your heart pillow or another pillow from your home and place over your sternum and then put your seatbelt on. Remember the sternum is still healing so avoid any position which may put strain or pressure on your chest. One of the best ways to help improve your diet is to start reading labels on the back of food products. A good way for your physician to tell if the medicines need adjustment is by monitoring your blood pressure at home. If it is still <90 and you are light headed or dizzy do not take your medication and call your physician.
An increase in temperature could be an indication of an infection in your incisional sites or somewhere else in your body.
If you gain 2 pounds in one day or 4 pounds over a four-day period and see increased swelling in your extremities call your physician. Swap packaged salad dressing to a fresh dressings made with olive oil, flax seed oil lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and herbs just as an example. The education will be given through various methods including videos, booklets, pamphlets and this website. If at anytime you have any questions regarding your at home care please call the Cardiac Services Nurse Practitioner with your questions at (714) 771-8000 ext. Steri strips down your chest incision or leg incisions should be left alone to fall off on their own.
This is a great time to look over all your incisional areas for signs of possible infection.
Often it is the spouse or partner of the patient that may feel uncomfortable about resuming sexual activity in fear of hurting the patient. If you feel heart palpitations or notice your heart rate goes up or down by 20 beats since you last took it call your physician. You may need to reduce your fluid and salt intake as well as be placed on some medication to help get rid of excess water that may build up in your body. If you have any concerns or questions during your recovery, please call the Cardiac Services Nurse Practitioner at (714) 771-8000 ext.
If they start to peel off at the ends, you can trim them to avoid getting caught on your clothes.
If you take a trip make a stop about every two hours so you can relieve some of the pressure on your sternal area.
It is important to talk it over with your partner and resume when you both feel comfortable and ready.
If you feel that the depression or mood changes are not getting better, contact your physician for additional help. The reduction in salt will help decrease water retention in your body and will also help decrease the swelling in your legs.
Remember you do not have to get rid of vitamin K in your diet you just need to eat it in moderation.
Get one that goes over your upper arm NOT YOUR WRIST and one that also takes your heart rate.
Through the use of Kelli’s services, I have been able to make some key changes to the way I eat on a daily basis and I have lost several pounds as a result.
This does not include steri strips, please leave them alone and let them fall off naturally. Decreased salt intake also aids in reducing your blood pressure and any further heart complications.
Below is a site that contains foods that are high in Vitamin K as well as some information on Coumadin and how to take the medication at home. Take your blood pressure once in the morning before you take your medicine and once at night before you take your medicine.

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