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They are prefect for anyone following a low glycemic index diet such as the GI Diet or the South Beach Diet.
These chicken parcels have an exciting tang to them and make a great healthy meal anytime of the year.
A vegetarian mixed bean chili recipe spiced up in a Mexican style by the addition of cocoa powder. This soup presents a classic combination of pork and apple but in a soup form, producing a deliciously rewarding meal.
This convenient pasta bake recipe makes use of the borlotti beans popular in the Italian region of Tuscanny.
A healthy vegetarian meal that takes only 5 minutes preparation work, then you can relax whilst it cooks itself.

A surprisingly sweet but healthy banana smoothie that has no added sugar and has a low glycemic index. A tender moist and spicy turkey breast packed with dried apricots for a beatuful fruity flavour. Even better these burgers are low fat and low GI, with kidney beans added for flavor and their healthy properties.
A delicious meal in minutes and only one pan to clean, this is the perfect option if you are want a GI diet meal in a hurry. If you want a really filling, low GI meal suitable for vegetarians, then you will love this baked sweet potato stuffed with chickpeas. This pasta dish with an italian style tomato sauce is ready in 15 minutes and is a real help for all those short on time but looking to eat healthily or loose weight.

These pancakes don't taste much different to their higher glycemic index version and provide a substantial balanced meal to start your day. A dish inspired by food from China, this healthy vegetable stir fry will give you a vitamin packed meal in minutes.
If you have any great GI diet recipes then please send them to me and I'll put them on the site, see address below.

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