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My simple Slow Cooker Chicken Wild Rice Soup is a stellar recipe for this sort of mental trickery.
It’s rich and flavorful, loaded with veggies, rustic wild rice, and shredded chicken, and makes your tummy warm and happy! Not only that, Slow Cooker Chicken Wild Rice Soup is low in fat, dairy free, gluten free, and packed with vitamins and nutrients.
The key to making Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Wild Rice Soup so appealing, is to add lots of herbs and veggies for flavor, and to not over cook the rice.
Adding a slurry of white wine and flour (or potato starch for gluten free) helps thicken the soup without additional fatty ingredients.
If you would like to eliminate the wine (although it adds a lot of flavor) substitute extra chicken broth instead. Our Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Wild Rice Soup is keeping us on the straight and narrow this January.

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Add the chicken breasts, mushrooms, thyme, wild rice, chicken broth, 1 tablespoon sea salt and 1 teaspoon ground pepper. All-Day Cooking Instructions: If you plan on leaving your soup to simmer all day, follow the first two steps, omitting the wild rice. The Kumquat Molasses Smash Cocktail is sweet and tangy with a slightly bitter note from fresh kumquats.

This spiced pumpkin cream pie is brimming with autumn flavors and is sure to delight your Thanksgiving guests! Chocolate hazelnut spread sprinkled with a cinnamon-sweet topping and baked to toasty perfection. Allow the slow cooker to simmer until the rice has cooked through and the soup is thick, 60-90 minutes.

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