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September 2009 – I eliminated most sources of sugar in my diet (for a definition of “sugar” click here) six days per week. January 2011 – I reduced starch intake to one serving per day, but continued to eat fruits and vegetables in an unrestricted manner. May 2011 – Reduced carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams per day and reduced protein intake to approximately 120 grams per day, entering a state of nutritional ketosis. Another way to see the implications of these changes on my actual intake is shown in the figure below.
The most externally obvious change that occurred as I ratcheted down my carbohydrate intake was a decrease in body fat. The other (profoundly simple) “test” I used to track my weight loss was my waist measurement. Between February 2010 and July 2010 I had a bad bout of swine flu, which left me in pretty rough shape for a while. Pay more attention to fat mass, separately, than overall body weight, and do the same with lean mass.
Most people, especially physically active people, probably experience some seasonal variation in body fat, especially at low levels. A responsible high protein (and therefore low carbohydrate) diet is one that pays attention to health with a good balance between various nutritious food types. The low fat high protein diet is not just about eating meat, dairy products, eggs and fish as a fountain of protein sources, but rather it's important to research and understand why certain foods, which have a high Glycemic Index (like simple carbohydrates), are bad for you.
The central issue is that: Low glycemic index foods, like whole-grain breads, oats and brown pasta, do a better job of gradually releasing energy (good) and can therefore control glucose and insulin levels better than high glycemic index foods, like white bread, processed pastries, cakes and biscuits. Scientific proof: The New England Journal of Medicine published that people who follow a high-protein, low glycemic index diet are more successful in controlling their weight long term (and even continue to lose weight) than people who eat a low-protein, high glycemic index diet. Note: The low fat high protein diet should not be confused with low carbohydrate diets like the Atkins Diet, which often contain large amounts of fat and don't manage calorie intake. Beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, soy and derivatives, low fat dairy products, eggs and plenty of vegetables (for fiber). Foods to eliminate: Simple carbohydrates like white pasta, white pasta, white rice, fried chips, alcohol, processed meats, pastries and biscuits.

Our Opinion: For as many proteins that you consume you are not going to gain muscle mass unless you train. And, unless you're training hours a day for competitions it's pointless substituting food groups with protein shakes or protein bars, your body can assimilate more than enough nutrients and energy from unprocessed foods.
Important: Many high-protein foods are fairly low in fiber and this can lead to a digestive system not functioning at 100%. As a result, I probably lost more lean mass than I would have liked, or expected to, even transiently.
My body fat probably fluctuations between 7 and 10% over the course of year now, often a function of activity type (more than activity level). And how you can substitute these foods with Carbohydrates that have a low Glycemic Index and are rich in Fiber. Gaining muscle mass (we're not talking bulking, just 'replacing fat' with lean muscle tissue) is very important as muscle content is directly proportional to metabolism.
For this reason it is critical to get a sufficient supply of fiber through vegetables and fruit (more from vegetables) to lubricate the digestive tract and improve bowel function.
Wallach's See Food Diet is based on principles rather than a carbohydrate , fat or calorie counting regime . A 200 pound person would take two ounces per day; a 300 pound person would take three ounces per day and so on. The filling is a simple, Stir the vanilla into the cooled custard and pour into the graham cracker pie shell. Add wheat and saute about ½ a minute, then add beans, salt, chili powder, jalapeno & cilantro. Quite the contrary, egg yolks are good for you and can actually improve cardiovascular health. My goal was to reduce my waist to 32 inches and I calculated I would need to lose 20 pounds of fat, without losing any muscle mass, to do this.
Lean mass took a big hit initially (although I believe in my case, the prolonged illness didn’t help), but then recovered. Cut the grape tomatoes into 3-5 slices each and toss them into the pan, stir and remove from burner.

Bare in mind, that one to two egg yolks in the day is okay so long as you have an overall low saturated fat diet.
It’s a pretty remarkable test that is now the gold standard for measuring body composition. As silly as this sounds, I recall, back in the spring of 2009 while stuck in an airport, using calculus to integrate the volume of fat I needed to lose from my waist (both visceral – around my organs – and under my skin) to get down to a 32-inch waist. Total body weight is shown on top of each bar, while the blue bar represents lean tissue and the red bar represents fat.
When preparing eggs, eat them boiled or if fried, use a light amount of olive oil instead of butter or margarine. Back when I was in high school we relied on a combination of calipers (in the hands of an experienced user) and something called hydrostatic testing, where you are weighed in and out of water to calculate your percentage of body fat. It’s actually an easy problem if you can remember how to integrate the volume of an oval “cylinder” and you know the density of fat.
Hence, in September 2009, I weighed 195 pounds, of which 156 was lean, 39 was fat, and my body fat (the number below) was 20%. While you’re at it, throw in some onions, mushrooms, or any vegetable you want to make it even better for you.
Doing in the “wrong” way can result in equal loss of fat and lean mass (or, worse yet, disproportionate loss of lean mass). Without any loss of lean tissue, I had reduced fat mass to 13 pounds and body fat to under 8%. Cars and Trucks - Pictures Take a virtual tour of this California fire station, including pictures of fire engines, a slideshow, Fun interactive printable Fire Safety Week coloring pages for kids to color online.

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