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From easy crowd-pleasers to more elegant fare, try our gourmet dinner party recipes to impress family and friends. December 18, 2014 20 Comments Fresh Ahi Tuna tossed with avocado and cucumber dressed in an Asian flavored spicy sauce cradled in endive leaves is an easy and low calorie appetizer for a special occasion.
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Let’s introduce this healthy food and Japanese food low fat diet recipes of Ikabatayaki (Butter Squid in Japanese Style). The first thing I learned about Japanese cooking is that all the sauces were some combination of shoyu, rice vinegar, sugar, and mirin.

If I am cooking for people who do not like crunchy veggies, I will steam all the veggies together in a separate pot while the chicken is cooking, then add the steamed veggies in with the chicken once it is cooked. Most Wednesday nights you can find us sitting at the sushi bar of our local Japanese restaurant. When I shared with my friends, they rated it as a gourmet food, healthy food and energy booster to them.
Reduce the flame to medium and stir constantly until the flakes have dissolved, about 10 minutes.
Since ahi tuna is quite pricey, Asian Tuna and Avocado Stuffed Endive Leaves are perfect for a special occasion like New Years.

One of my new favorites, that Henri makes, is chunks of tuna with avocado and mango tossed in a special spicy sauce and placed in the cutest cucumber cup. I diced my tuna and avocado into bite sized pieces, added a little cucumber for crunch and felt like I was a total pro.

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