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The way diet trends go back and forth, trying to follow them is like watching a game of ping pong. Fats add up fast, so eat modest amounts of healthy fats from fish, tree nuts, avocado and healthy oils like olive and canola. Don’t neglect exercise.  Get your heart pumping to burn calories, and pump some iron to build up your muscle mass.
Susan majored in Biology at the University of Colorado with thoughts of going into Medicine, but the draw of nutrition – which brought together her interests in food and human health – was stronger.
Above all, Susan has spent much of her career as an educator – in settings ranging from a hospital dialysis unit to the University classroom to the training camp of the Los Angeles Raiders football team. Susan and her husband, Kurt, live in Los Angeles near their two grown children, and also have a small farm nearby where they maintain a vegetable garden, fruit orchard and vineyard. Enter your email address to get the great info on nutrition, fitness and beauty in your inbox. The benefits of a ketogenic, low carb diet have been known for decades, and it has been proven time and again that cutting carbs to minimal levels in your diet can transform your body, by making it burn its own fat for fuel in a natural reaction called ketosis. A ketogenic diet is one that is high in fat, with moderate levels of protein, and highly restricted levels of carbohydrate obtained from green vegetables.

When most people picture what someone who is doing Atkins, or following any other low carb diet eats, it generally involves a lot of meat, eggs and cheese. Those following a vegetarian low carb diet may find they need to use the pre-prepared low carb products (such as low carb snack bars and shakes) that are on the market more than meat eaters.
By their nature, trends aren’t meant to be long-lasting – and most people who jump onto the latest dietary bandwagon are usually looking for super-fast results.
Since 2003, Susan has brought her wide-ranging expertise in nutrition and her enthusiasm for healthy cooking to Herbalife – and helps to spread the word that good health and delicious food go hand-in-hand. To date I’ve lost about 25kilos using another meal replacement shake and varying my diet to pretty much exclude all carbohydrates. Many also suffer mild to major anxiety or irritability, especially in the early (induction) stages of the diet. Ketogenic diets include any low carb eating plan, probably the most famous being the Atkins diet. This is because meat eaters can get a varied and interesting ketogenic diet from natural whole foods by eating meat and poultry, whereas vegetarians, who have less choice when it comes to natural low carb foods may find that they need to mix in products like these to keep their diet from becoming boring.
And if you ask those who have managed to lose weight how they did it, their answers are all over the map.

Some folks are just built that way, and may need to increase carb intake slightly while dieting. This is all down to personal taste and choice though, and it is safe and healthy to follow a vegetarian low carb diet without these products. Some swear by a low carb plan, while others give credit to a vegetarian regimen or a strict accounting of fat grams.  With so many possible ways to lose weight, it sort of begs the question:  is one diet better than another?
Oily fish like salmon and tuna are great options when it comes to a semi vegetarian low carb diet. You can then make a lot of satisfying, protein rich meals with eggs, such as omelets and crustless quiches.
Nuts are another good ingredient to use in a vegetarian low carb diet, though you can’t eat them in unrestricted numbers because they do contain some carbs – though they are a valuable use of your daily carb allowance because they are rich in oils, fats and nutrients.

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