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This is a quick and simple vegetarian curry with lots of flavor, tons of protein, and not alot of fat.
Add tomatoes with their juices and cook 1-2 minutes or until mixture seems slightly thickened, stirring well. I increased the amount of curry powder to our tastes and I had to use fresh tomatoes as I didnt have any canned available!
Hot and savory, Serrano chiles lend their signature kick to these amazing vegetarian quesadillas, inspired by the flavors of classic fajitas. In a large skillet cook sweet pepper, onion, and serrano pepper in hot oil over medium-high heat for 3 to 5 minutes or until vegetables are just tender. Add cooked beans, chicken, shrimp, or your other favorite protein to these quesadillas for a heartier meal. Welcome and thanks for visiting my Low Fat Sweet Potato Chips page!Skip straight to The Recipe.

Get all the newestlow fat recipes and tips,straight to your inbox.Just enter your email address below. You can replace any veggie on your weeknight dinner plate with a baked sweet potato and feel good about it. This is so similar to a chickpea curry that I already make, minus the black beans, and with an addition of garlic. When buying bell peppers, choose that are firm, heavy for their size, and have shiny, vibrantly-colored skin. Cook quesadillas for 4 to 5 minutes per side or until cheese melts and tortillas are lightly browned.
I remember friend at work questions from years back but not on a health quiz, it was more about how happy we were with our company.
They also make a great substitute in most any recipe calling for apples*, squash or regular potatoes.*If you subbed it in something like apple pie though, that'd become sweet potato pie.

Top with onion mixture, tomato slices, the 1 tablespoon cilantro, and the remaining cheese.
If your bare hands do touch the peppers, wash your hands and nails well with soap and warm water.
However,if you do like heat, feel free to add some cayenne or crushed red pepper to suit your taste. So I’m here to show that eating lots of fat and very few carbohydrates will NOT necessarily cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other issues.

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