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Easy to make ahead appetizer recipes with low fat ingredients and fruit skewers.If youa€™re hosting a party or gathering at your place, ita€™s nice to know some make ahead appetizer. As mentioned above, not only will you be in control in the sense of being well prepared, youa€™ll also be able to use ingredients low in saturated fat and sugar. But it goes without saying that we dona€™t want to give up all great taste or have to count every last calorie in order to remain healthy and energized. Simply thread one piece of each fruit, except for the grapes, onto each skewer in any order you choose. One of the most pervasive of all party appetizers is tortilla chips; and for these, youa€™ve got to have a great dipping sauce.

Rather than relying on processed, store-bought appetizers that are probably not the healthiest and certainly not the freshest, you can make your appetizers from scratch at home using only healthy and fresh ingredients.
No rushing around at the last minute, no wondering if your guests are going to bring what you need or hope for; you will be in control.
Thata€™s why make ahead appetizer recipes that include ingredients specially selected for flavor as well as low saturated fat and low sugar content make for a perfect way of livening up your hosted parties and gatherings. For a superior tasting and very healthy tortilla chip sauce, try the following mango salsa recipe.
So leta€™s look at a very easy to make appetizer recipe that you can have prepared well ahead of time for an app thata€™s delicious and nutritious.

You can chill these fruit skewers overnight if you need to or you can make them ahead of time the morning or afternoon before your guests are arriving for maximum freshness. If you already own the domain you wish to host with us, please select "I already own my domain" so you can either transfer it to us or point to our name servers at no extra cost.

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