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The Olive Garden’s menu caters to guests with a “genuine Italian dining experience,” but for those looking for healthier options we’ve simplified their selections into what you should eat and what you might want to avoid. The lunch portions, which are smaller than their dinner counterparts, are probably the way to go.
Chicken Lickin’ Good – The Venetian Apricot Chicken is a dish with grilled chicken breasts coated in an apricot citrus sauce, complete with vegetables on the side. Pasta Lovers – The Linguine alla Marinara’s lunch portion has only 310 calories and 4g of fat.
The breadsticks, complete with a garlic butter spread, contain 150 calories per stick, 2g fat, 400mg sodium, and 28g carbohydrates. Salads are known as being a healthy part of anyone’s diet…depending on what you add for some crunch and the dressings you choose. Receive the latest, most useful health and wellness articles, tips, special discounts on nutritional supplements and so much more. UltraNourish supplies your body with protein, vegetables, fruits, fiber, herbs, enzymes, probiotics and essential nutrients in a superfood shake! 10 billion living cells per capsule make it a very powerful, high-potency formula developed to withstand acids in the stomach, to quickly restore healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the stomach and intestines and to not require refrigeration. Comprehensive liver support formula, containing milk thistle, turmeric, artichoke, NAC, alpha lipoic acid, B & C vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other nutraceuticals. Join 35,000+ subscribers and receive the latest, useful and exclusive health and wellness articles, health tips, special offers and more - delivered direct to your inbox. The information and products shown on this website should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician evaluation or treatment.
Americans are now spending more money dining out than on buying groceries, which means we’re putting a lot of our nutritional decisions in the hands of fast casual restaurants. While it might be easier to treat yourself to a night out, we start to have second thoughts when we pick up that menu of endless possibilities and zero guidance on what's good (or not totally horrible) for our bodies. Luckily, the following restaurants allow you to customize most meals to your liking, which means the calorie cutting power is in your hands. We know it’s hard to believe, but Outback, home of the 2,000-calorie Bloomin' Onion appetizer, does have some healthy meal options. And when you’re cooking at home, get your protein fix with these 29 Best-Ever Proteins for Weight Loss.
When you go to Popeyes, we know you’re looking for some fried chicken, and this wrap gives it to you—while keeping an eye out for your waistline.
If you didn’t think comfort food could be low in fat, take a look at this entree from Boston Market.
Get your fill of 23 grams of muscle-building protein without the trans fats and starchy, chemical-additive-packed bread that comes along with most of the other menu items at Arby’s.
When it comes to fast-food burgers, it doesn’t get much healthier—or lighter in carbs—than this. Low in calories and packed with protein and fiber, this is one meal that we’d happily scarf down. Steer clear of those Footlong dogs and over to this classically simple grilled chicken sandwich at Sonic. With a leaner protein bacon from the turkey over the traditional pork, this relatively low-carb English muffin and egg sandwich is the perfect start to your day. Au Bon Pain couples an extensive inventory of healthy items into this wrap, including chicken, fresh avocado (one of the 25 Best Foods for a Toned Body), romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon aioli and lemon shallot vinaigrette.
This grilled seafood entree is among the healthiest grab-and-go meals in the country, and one of the smartest choices at Long John’s. In the fast food world, it’s hard to find a meal under 500 calories that doesn’t contain the leanest of proteins, chicken. On any given day, one in eight Americans will reach for a slice, and we’re drooling over this one. Alongside a sandwich with well over 1,000 calories and over a day’s worth of sodium, this turkey breast sandwich from Jimmy Johns is a sight for sore eyes. A Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast is a solid option to turn to when you find yourself at KFC with a flat belly to look out for. FOR 150+ recipes that flatten your belly fast—made with the foods you love—buy the brand-new book from Abs Diet creator David Zinczenko: Zero Belly Cookbook!
To serve, place asparagus and broccoli on platter or serving plates next to the grilled chicken. Finally – one more Olive Garden tip – don’t ruin your diet plans by eating all of those wonderful breads they bring to the table. Anne, April 16, 2011Log in to ReplyWhen I go to other Italian places, I usually order whatever their version of pasta with steamed seafood is. Alfonso, April 16, 2011Log in to ReplyWouldn't it be great if establishments like Olive Garden served one of the many high protein, high fiber options. Daniel, January 6, 2012Log in to ReplyNot sure how the 12oz sirloin meal has only 40 grams of protein. Olive Garden's fettuccine alfredo.(CBS) Looking to treat your child to a tasty meal at his or her favorite restaurant?
Fancy living somewhere with low taxes, affordable real estate and a reasonable cost of living?

You can serve this sauce over the traditional fettuccine noodles, but I usually use penne or farfalle, because they're easier for my kids to eat. The marinara sauce is made with tomatoes, onions and Italian herbs – all of which can be packed with an array of health benefits for your liver, heart, bones and even your skin!
It’s a collection of scallops, shrimp and tilapia in a white wine saffron broth with spinach and mushrooms.
In one serving of salad there are 350 calories, 26g fat, 1,930mg sodium, and 22g carbohydrates.
UltraNourish is the first shake to also focus on your liver's health by including 1,950 mg of liver supportive ingredients. Users are advised to seek the advice of their physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
Items with words like “organic,” “fresh” or “homemade” are commonplace in the restaurant business, but that doesn’t mean you can glaze over the nutritional information. To help keep you stay fit and trim, we rifled through the nutrition information at all of your fast casual joints, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and eat. Besides removing the GMO ingredients from their menu, they also promised to improve the already high quality of their food by cutting down on the preservatives in their salt-laden tortillas. Martha Mckittrick, RD, CDE, says, “since lobster takes a long time to eat, it forces you to eat more mindfully and pay attention to your hunger cues.” Even better, this meal is rounded out by sides of fresh vegetables and a small Garden Salad to up the fiber content and potatoes to add some carbs. One of the best cuts of meat you can get from the popular steakhouse is the 6-ounce Victoria Filet because it is low in fat. This low-fat, iron-rich cut of meat is served on a bed of whole grains, along with some sauteed spinach, roasted portobellos and grape tomatoes (a fruit that’s filled with lycopene, an antioxidant that decreases the risk of coronary artery disease and various types of cancers). This wrap rolls up fried chicken and the chain’s signature Red Beans & Rice in one delicious handheld meal.
Be sure to check out these 25 Things Fast Food Chains Don't Want You to Know before you put fry to mouth. Besides being the healthiest and most nutritionally rounded dishes at Arby’s, it’s also one of the most delicious.
To whip up this mouthwatering creation, Hardee’s takes a Black Angus beef patty and wraps it inside iceberg lettuce leaves, along with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayo so you can enjoy your burger with none of the guilt. Even better than the crispy grilled onions and shredded cheddar cheese is the pita bread made with 16 grams of whole grain. A ciabatta bun packed with 10 grams of whole grain and tender grilled chicken sync up with a host of veggies and light mayo to create this flavorful diet-friendly order. Even with all those ingredients, this dish still comes in under our limits and over our expectations.
Even though the chain has eliminated trans fats from the deep fryer, the breading and oils still pile on a hefty dose of fat, and that’s why we recommend this dish.
Rather than getting two smaller slices that would probably fill up the full 500 calories, Sbarro’s extra large slice gives you a little extra than normal but leaves room for a nice, fresh side salad for an added boost of satiating fiber. Pair a side of green beans and corn with the lean poultry for a light, 340-calorie meal that’ll keep you full and satiated for hours without derailing your weight loss efforts.
General Mills first established the restaurant, and in 1999 the company founded its own Culinary Institute Of Tuscany in Italy to create signature dishes that represented true Italian heritage. Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara– The fact that this meal had more fat than it’s Chicken Alfredo half brother is scary! Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo – This bad boy has 1,310 calories and a complete days worth of sodium – 2,190 mg. You can easily down a few hundred calories in bread, oil, and butter before even seeing the meal.
Olive Garden has been one of my favorite restaurants since I was a child, and one of my family's go-to places for get togethers, but I've since been avoiding it like the plague on my quest to live a healthier lifestyle especially after learning that my favorite dish (the Lasagna Rollata al Forno) had a whopping 1,170 calories *shudder*. Between sports, music, and other activities and practices, our afternoons and evenings are booked most of the week. Chicken is a great source of protein – and apricots, a good source of fiber, are known to aid in digestive conditions. Even when you think you’re making a better decision by eating at a sit-down restaurant, their menu options aren’t always that much healthier than their fast food counterparts.
To make sure we recommended the absolute best dishes and meal combos for your waistline, we kept all orders to a maximum of 500 calories and 1,500 mg of sodium. Because we know you’ll be taking a trip to Chipotle before that happens, try this chicken salad instead.
Pair our number 1 ranked sandwich at Panera, the Turkey & Avocado BLT, with a Classic Cafe Salad and flavorful Asian Sesame Vinaigrette for a little extra pizazz.
If you’re not a fan of gold potatoes, take a page from Kristen Carlucci’s, RD-N, book and ask to substitute the potatoes for a side of steamed broccoli. Even better, the side of asparagus is rich in potassium, a nutrient that helps the body flush out water and sodium.
Along with the 15 grams of hunger-busting protein comes a solid hit of immunity-boosting vitamin A and folic acid (a vitamin that helps the body break down, use and create new proteins) from the broccoli. It’s hard to believe that it contains a mere 310 calories while packing in 14 grams of protein and 3 grams of satiating fiber. Home of the never-ending breadsticks, Olive Garden’s oversize portions of carbs can put the dietary discipline of any mindful diner to the test.

It carries just nine percent of the day’s recommended fat, which isn’t too shabby for a fast-food cheat meal! This all-natural chicken is spiced up with a miso-glaze and served over a bed of fresh spinach, roasted yellow squash, grilled balsamic-glazed onions and roasted cremini mushrooms.
We love whole grains because they contain all three parts of the grain, including the ones that are nutrient-rich and full of fiber to keep your hunger at bay. This promising info makes it another all-day breakfast item we're cool with getting behind. The shrimp is baked, not breaded and fried, so you don't have to worry about those extra calories and fat.
If you’re looking for a well-rounded nutritional profile, pick up the classic Turkey Burger from their line of 500-calories-or-less turkey burgers and have them hold the mayo. Leaner and with fewer calories than other cuts of beef, this steak is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and metabolism-boosting iron. Moe’s Southwest Grill manages to fit all your favorite burrito fillings - from guac to cheese to beans - into this Homewrecker Jr.
Most of them have well over double-digit fat count, ridiculously high carbohydrates, and total calories that range from 700 to over 1400 calories- per dish! When she's not chasing around two sets of twins, a teenager, and a baby, she's working on a project, training for her next race, reading one of her favorite books, or baking something with chocolate in it.
Fish is an excellent way to fill your body with protein and it’s a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.
And to help you lose weight, even when you’re eating at home, check out these 50 Best-Ever Weight-Loss Secrets From Skinny People!
Registered dietitian and personal trainer Jim White says, “when I eat salad, I use it as an opportunity to get some of my carbohydrates from beans.” Besides a protein-packed scoop of pinto beans, he also likes loading up on veggies, which is why we’ve thrown on some nutritionally-dense fajita veggies on top of that fiber-packed romaine lettuce. The layer of heart-healthy avocado on your sandwich will help you to absorb three to five times more carotenoids, the disease-fighting compounds found in the veggies in the cafe salad, according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition. She says, “The lean protein from the lobster plus the fiber and nutrients from the vegetables make this an extremely satisfying and healthy meal!” To discover more satisfying eats that will help you trim down, check out these 25 Best Carbs for Weight Loss. Because this dish is high on the sodium levels, nix some of the salt by asking your server to put the broth on the side.
Save your heart by ordering the lowest sodium content item on the menu: Buddha’s Feast Steamed.
Instead of losing more than a day’s worth of carbs and sodium to their pasta dishes, order this Herb-Grilled Salmon instead. If you’re worried this combo won’t pack big enough flavor, ask your server for a side of their tangy, fat-free Poultry Gravy.
And if you’re in need of a healthy snack to tide you over between meals, consider noshing on one of these 50 Snacks With 50 Calories or Less. For a soup the sodium level is relatively low with just 680 mg, plus it has 6 grams of fiber.
That’s not bad for red meat and makes this dish about 30% fat, so it fits with a Zone or South Beach type-eating plan.
They’re fried dough and usually come topped with powdered sugar, or in this case, chocolate sauce on the side. It's an easy copycat Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce that's not only pretty much the creamiest deliciousness you've ever tasted, but it comes together in about 10 minutes! This steamed dish is loaded with baked tofu, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli and carrots, and tossed in soy sauce.
Just make sure to ask for the fatty butter on the side because the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid packed salmon already has enough of it! Even if you polish off the entire lot, it will only add 10 calories and 85 mg sodium to your order. For some reason, Olive Garden doesn’t list protein counts on their menu but by using some simple math and subtracting out the fat and carb counts I estimate this dish has about 50 + grams of protein! CBS News reviewed nutritional information for entrees, side dishes, desserts and beverages at more than a dozen chains and found some pretty scary numbers in chicken dishes, pasta, and other fare that you might assume to be comparatively nutritious.Here are some of the least healthy children's restaurant meals. Because this is a vegetarian meal, pair it with a side of quinoa to get a hefty dose of belly fat-incinerating protein. The only downside is that like many prepared meals it’s a bit high in sodium with 1,420 mg.
Quinoa is the only grain that is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids.
Learn the scary truth about your favorite seafood in our exclusive report, How Tilapia is Worse Than Bacon.
Once the butter is melted and the garlic is a little toasted, add the cream cheese, and stir until melted.

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