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This has really nice flavor and one of those recipes that are easily adjusted to your families taste. I used ground turkey, homemade taco seasoning, & brown rice, but otherwise followed the recipe. I decided to keep the calories and fat low by using only a small amount of cooking oil, as well as light sour cream. From my Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe to Casseroles, Cakes, Salads and everything in between, all of my recipes are guaranteed simple and tasty! ADD garlic (I used jar), finely diced mushrooms (I used button) and celery; cook until celery is soft. NOTE: Pampas has just come out with low fat pastry 33 percent less fat which is what I used. HELPFUL HINT --- Do not feel you have to be gentle with the pastry and you do not want to touch it for too long so that the heat of your hands melts it. Very easy, and quite flavorful, although I'd add a bit of salt and maybe some Worcestershire to the meat mixture next time and increase the the mushroom mixture by at least 50 per cent. A single dish is all you need for our collection of one-pot meals that are far from one-note.

Taking a hybrid approach to weight loss, Low Carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Primal, and Weston A Price guidelines. I’m always looking for more recipes that uses grass-fed ground beef, and this is a good one! Add the rice and cook, covered, until done (for my brand of rice this takes around 25 minutes).
Turn down the heat and cook until the meat is done and the liquid is almost completely absorbed. I used jalapeno for the bell pepper for more kick and also used homemade taco seasoning and yes, I used jarred Pace picante sauce for the salsa and it worked out great. Cooking times are spot on using Pepperidge Farm pastry: beautiful golden crust and perfectly cooked meat inside. It’s a great meal to make because you pretty much use all of your leftover veggies, meat and rice, throw it all together and you have dinner.
So I came up with this meal- it has the flavours of Mexican food without the majority of the calories and if you have extra points, you can even add a little guacamole or sour cream on top! I halved the recipe all but the rice and this made 1.5 quarts, easily 6 servings!, I plan on freezing the leftovers for another day.

Note that the recipe doesn't say what to do with the mushroom mixture after it goes in fridge.
It's worth using fresh salsa, not the jarred stuff for this recipe- it adds a lovely fresh bright flavour.
Mickeydownunder told me to just put it on top of the meat (and another similar recipe said to do that too) and that works fine.
I had really missed fried rice, but using riced cauliflower in the place of real rice in this recipe really fits the bill.
Green onions added to the recipe give the green that the recipe needs and a good flavor too.
Using extra lean beef, this recipe has a total of 19 Weight Watchers points by British points calculations. While this recipe (as written) may be low in fat, it still has a whopping 600 calories per serving, but since the full recipe realistically would serve 8, it is sure to be closer to around 250 calories per 1-cup servings.

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