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Just in time for football playoff games and the “big game” in February, Cape Cod Potato Chips is launching the Big Game Chip Switch. Crispy natural chips have high nutritious values similar to fresh fruits and vegetables which is achieved thanks to the unique microwave-vacuum drying technology which uses the innovative method of fruits and vegetables dehydration. The vegetable crisps appearing on the market have similar properties to traditional potato chips. There are also fruit chips which are made with sugar, artificial colorants, preservatives, taste enhancers and most of all there is NO CRUNCH!
Healthy VF Snacks, low fat--Mixed Fruit Chips (1)Three no change----The product color,shape and flavor no change. Udon Noodles, Low-fat Healthy foodCurrently, Udon noodle popularity has gone beyond their boundaries and more and more been recognized and appreciated all over the world. Udon Noodles ,Low-fat Healthy food, Japanese traditional foodCurrently, Udon noodle popularity has gone beyond their boundaries and more and more been recognized and appreciated all over the world.
The goal of the integrated program is to encourage consumers to switch their regular chips for any one of Cape Cod’s three 40% reduced fat varieties to see if anyone can tell that these kettle-cooked chips are low fat.

We know that once consumers try these chips, they’ll keep coming back!” Armed with these consumer observations and accolades from media like Hungry Girl, ShopSmart, Ladies' Home Journal and Fitness magazine, among others, Cape Cod is launching a 5-week integrated advertising campaign promoting its reduced fat chips.The campaign challenges consumers to switch their regular chips for one of Cape Cod’s three 40% reduced fat varieties. Consumers who visit the microsite and take the challenge can enter to win a year’s supply of Cape Cod Potato Chips. How to cut sweet potato slices Start by cleaning your sweet potatoes, wash well, remove any dirt, you can wash with soap. In 2010, the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association’s 2010 Super Bowl survey found that nearly 32 million people were planning to host a Super Bowl party and an additional 59 million would attend a party. It is recommended to use a thick cut since after they cook they become very soft so it is recommended to cut thicker slices so that the consistency of the sweet potato will be better to the taste.
According to the Calorie Council and Snack Food Association, Americans consumed more than 30 million pounds of snack foods while watching the big game last year. How to condiment the Sweet Potato Fries Then place the sweet potato slices in a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil, season with sugar on the raw, salt and pepper. Potato chips alone were expected to account for 27 billion calories and 1.8 billion grams of fat.

If just half of those who are hosting parties served Cape Cod 40% reduced fat potato chips, America would cut over 360 million grams of fat – and enjoy their snacks more!
The inspiration behind her recipes is based on the culinary culture of Mexico and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine and grilling which is one of her passions. Adriana likes to read about the latest trends in cuisine, learn about new cultures, travel the world discovering new ingredients and sharing with famous chefs. Get my Twitter hacks, you can find them on pages 276-287 plus more than 200 social media tips from other of my peers! Copying, reblogging or "curating" of Adriana's Best Recipes original content and photographs is strictly prohibited.

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