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There?s nothing quite like a hot cup of tea or coffee when you?re lost in a good book or engrossed in a movie at 39,000feet in the air.
In addition to the range of teas and coffees to soothe and rejuvenate, we also offer a range of snacks both hot and cold. The 2003 Dom Perignon is a highly rich, powerful and vinous Dom Perignon and unsurprisingly since the summer of 2003 was the hottest in 53 years.
A harmonious blend of the three Champagne grape varieties : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meurnier, from the most expressive crus of the Champagne region. Most impassioned wine lovers will have heard if not had the extreme pleasure to taste a wine from the revered Chateau d'Yquem vineyards in Sauternes, famous for their lusciously rich, complex, long living and unctuous wine.
There is a lot of talk about the Yarra Valley being the premier supply of cool climate wine in Australia but our money is on the Mornington peninsula. Leeuwin was one of the earliest wineries in Margaret River region with an exceptional reputation for fine Chardonnay. The RunRig was designed with the great wines of Hermitage and Cote Rotie in mind and the style comes through.
The 4th growth Margaux Chateau Marquis de Terme 2003 comes from one of the hottest years on record in Bordeaux.
One of only two premier crus of Barsac, a region producing the famous sweet wines along with Sauternes.

This rare, limited release single vintage Tawny, from a production of only six barrels was not easy to come by, but since we did we are delighted to share it with you. Many have asked where Roma's sister's name Jacinta originated, since it isn't an Irish name. Roma likes all colors but tends to wear a lot of black because she wears so much white on the show.
The name Jacinta was a popular name for Irish Catholic girls in the 1950's because it was the name of one the children that saw the Virgin Mary in Portugal - Our Lady of Fatima. In 1985 Roma won The Most Promising Student of the year award at the Drama Studio of London. Clothes you would find in Roma's closest: sweaters from Ireland, cashmere, t-shirts, and white linen.
Her major beauty problem has to do with the fact that "Touched by an Angel" is filmed in Utah, which is an incredibly dry climate which wreaks havoc on her skin. Her favorite make-up when she's not on the set is to just use Stila eyeshadows and Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil and Lip Color in Nude, adding Buff gloss for night. She stays in shape by working out in the morning when Reilly is asleep, because if she puts it off, it never happens. Single vintage Tawny, for those of you unfamiliar to the style, is a vintage Port aged in port pipes until release.

Although, not Irish by birth, (though he now has dual American-Irish citizenship) she also likes Daniel Day-Lewis.
Although, she was a blond for a year starting in the summer of 2000, but it is now back to auburn. Who, by the way, were the teachers that pooled their savings to send Roma to the Drama Studio of London. She lights candles scented with gardenia, jasmine or lavender, she turns on some Enya or New Age music and she lets the stress go.
She likes Clarins, especially the Hydration-Plus Moisture Lotion SPF 15, Gentle Night Cream and Eye Contour Balm.
She also loves The Body Shop's Nut Body Butter and Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 -- which she believes is a savior for her lips.

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