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Please check out my latest video on the benefits I've experienced from following a 100% low fat raw vegan diet since April 1st, 2010.
I've put together a 29 page Weight Loss Guide which I have up on my site along with my Conquering Cravings for Life E-Book! Please check out my latest video where I show you how to make low-fat, healthy, raw vegan banana "ice cream"! I often get asked what I eat during an average day, so this low-fat raw food diet sample menu can help serve as a snapshot of what at least one fruitarian consumes. I’m a big believer in green smoothies, which make it easy to consume the amount of greens—about 4 percent of my calories—I like in my diet! Once you digest this menu, have a look at my low-fat raw food diet weekly shopping trip to find out what an average week of grocery shopping looks like for me. Dinner (7 p.m.)Mexican Sun Salad, a colorful, heaping, delicious dish topped with Creamy Avocado—both recipes inspired by my love of Mexican foods and published in Alive!

For more information and a guide on how to succeed, check out Alive!, my raw food transition book, which features a four-step program designed to help anyone go raw vegan. Find out what an average day on a low-fat raw food diet looks like with this sample diet menu! Subscribe to Fruit-Powered Digest for FreeJoin my mailing list and also get a free gift, my Top 10 Tips for Supercharging Your Life! SIGN UP TO RECEIVE MY FREE RAW FOOD MAGAZINE AND GIFTEnjoy the world's leading raw food magazine, Fruit-Powered Digest. Some days, I have bananas in the form of green smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner before moving on to a large salad. If you’d like a helping hand in transitioning to a low-fat raw food diet, visit my coaching page.
His life quickly changed upon enjoying these meals in 2010, with Brian going vegan and then low-fat, fruit-based raw vegan to start off 2011.

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Includes more than 25 raw food recipes, tool recommendations, fitness focus, insight from Arnold Kauffman and Megan Elizabeth and more! My salad usually includes two avocados or about 65 grams of nuts or seeds and averages 750 calories.

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