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Learn how to grow, prepare, make and bake – everything you need to boost your cooking skills. Low-fat recipesEnjoy low-fat recipes, that are all less than 3g saturated fat per serving, without any losing any of the flavour. Join our mailing list and be the first to hear about new recipes, tricky techniques, must-enter competitions and stories from the world of food.
When you think of slow cooker recipes, you typically think of stews, chilis and other hearty dishes that aren’t necessarily the best for your waistline. This sesame chicken is just as good as takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant, without all the added grease.
It’s like your favorite broccoli cheddar casserole, made in the slow cooker without all the fat.
This slow cooker stew can be prepared with many ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. This slow cooker lasagna is easier and less time consuming than a traditional baked lasagna. These slow cooker cabbage rolls are simple to make and incorporate a sauce that’s brimming with flavor. Perhaps we should begin by saying this recipe clocks in at just two grams of fat per serving—two! For more tasty recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and whole body workouts, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest.
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Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Unfortunately, most recipes call for smothering it in cheese and oil, which adds loads of fat. Now, I have no problem with good fats — which I defended extensively in a previous post.
Here is the low fat version without the chocolate.  The creator uses low fat milk and light cream.
Coming in at 8 grams of fat per serving, it’s a high-flavor dish you can easily substitute in place of the traditional Asian meal you’re craving. It combines all fresh ingredients and takes just ten minutes to prep, then simmers in the slow cooker all day.
This recipe gives you all the cheesy goodness you crave without the added fat from using canned soup. Black beans and kidney beans add protein and take the place of high-fat ground beef, bringing this dish down to just seven grams of fat per serving. At just six grams of fat per serving, this dish easily takes the place of that fattening spinach and artichoke appetizer served at many restaurants. Plus, it combines all the flavors of your favorite Italian dish for just nine grams of fat per serving! They come in at seven grams of fat per serving, and the ground turkey makes them a great source of protein, too. Legumes are an excellent heart healthy source of protein, so this dish will fill you up without the added fat.

I further recommended that you cut down on the sugar that is suggested by the recipe if you want something that is less sweet.
Using low far yogurt and fat free milk without any sugar, this recipe is not only healthy and is super tasty. The creator uses small amount of low fat vanilla ice cream with a heavy mix of frozen bananas. Also, rather than ice cream, the recipe calls for low fat yogurt which has much less calories for those who are worried about such things. For just six grams of fat per serving, they’re a guilt-free way to get your south of the border fix.
It weighs in at just seven grams of fat per serving, so you can enjoy it guilt-free all winter long.
If you don’t have any idea on what are these healthy ingredients, check these recipes out.
The secret is in the graham cracker crumbs which allow a small tint of saltiness with a big doze of crunchy. Added in some small dose of whipped cream favored vodka into the milkshake glass and you got a cool alcoholic milkshake to freshen your day.
In terms of taste, the banana and peach give this milkshake a refreshing feel that wouldn’t make you miss having less sugar in your drinks.

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