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This vegetarian BBQ menu is low fat, low calorie and veeeery diet friendly so nothing to worry about. Just place the pita bread over the still hot wood ash and leave it there for a couple of minutes. On this vegetarian food blog, you'll find many useful tips for vegetarians and vegans, plus many other great resources. Slice tofu in half lengthwise, then quarter it by cutting it in half along the narrow sides.
Dissolve the brown sugar in the liquid, then raise the heat to medium high and boil sauce for about three minutes.
Gently place the tofu back into the skillet (or in a wok, if you'd like) and brown it on medium. Summer truly is the time for a rainbow of delicious fruits and vegetables, from purple eggplant to red tomatoes to green lettuce.

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Have these in the form of a bowl with plain milk and this will be a very full and healthy snack. An affiliate link is a link in which advertisers have agreed to pay a commission should a purchase be made from that click-through. I'd be happy for you to share them for any non-commercial purpose but please make sure to link back to the original post and give credit where it’s due. One of the reasons I love summer is because there is such an abundance of vegetables and fruits!
My sis detests more than necessary coconut in any form, and mom had to devise this easy-to-make and healthy chutney option to go . Crispy Pita Bread Cooked on Hot Wood Ash Place 2 quartered potatoes on an aluminum foil and create a small bag.

On Gourmandelle you'll find lots of vegetarian recipes, free vegetarian meal plans and useful tips for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.
My husband and I agreed we'd both have to eat several cups of rice to balance out the flavor.
I was suspicious and used 2 tbsp and the sauce was almost a paste before I thinned it with water.
Make it like it is and save some for lunches (it keeps well), or just make half the recipe if you don't want leftovers.

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