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Some go so far as to say that they've lost muscle because of the diet, but muscle wastes away very very slowly, and no diet will make it disappear quickly. Through adulthood I maintained good weight and worked out, so I never really had to watch what I ate. Besides diet, food, and nutrition, what other lifestyle factors do you find most important in supporting you in following 811rv? Do you ever wonder whether you're getting enough (protein, calories, micronutrients of your choosing)? What are some of the personal benefits (excluding athletic performance) you've experienced since transitioning to an 811rv diet? One thing that I noticed is that I no longer have cold hands and feet during the winter time.
Compare for us your experiences eating a low-fat raw diet versus the popular high-fat version? Lots of other athletes have seen me carry my homemade sports drinks and all my bananas on my bike, and they are very curious.
When training through periods of maximum exertion, what do you eat, and how much per day, typically?
Can you tell us about any overall athletic performance improvements you've noticed since adopting 811rv?
What are some of your most notable recent athletic achievements while maintaining a strict 811rv diet?
I came across it on a raw-food discussion group online, and one of the comments really caught my attention. What one piece of advice would you give a newbie to 811, or someone who is looking to refine their program? For the last couple weeks I’ve been testing out a lower-fat raw vegan diet known as the “80-10-10” diet (80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat).
I admire Darlene so much that I’ve been trying to figure out a way to steal a pair of her shoes and have them bronzed. If you’re interested in going raw, I highly recommend that you go download a copy of Darlene’s book right now! I’m exploring raw vegan food, mostly to help my asthma and to lower my risk of disease later in life. You are such a bright light in the world I appreciate this amazing article which just reflects why I love you so. I haven’t eaten a raw diet before but would be very interested in learning more about this healthy choice. In the fall of 2009 I became aware for the first time that gluten & dairy cause serious issues for me. This only lasted four months, but it was the best I had ever felt physically and emotionally in my entire life- so I see great potential for the future.
Also, I have unusual health problems that my doctors are doing a poor job helping me to solve.
I feel that transitioning to a Raw Vegan Diet will help me return to my optimal health, but I need direction, support & help with implementing it in my life. For all those concerned about feelings of deprivation, having the right stockpile of dried fruits, raw chocolate, and such, you can create such amazing treats you will never want to go bake to industrial processed. I have eaten raw for up to 7 weeks at a time, but eventually give in and go back to vegetarian eating – although I still eat a lot of raw.
I live in Australia, and there doesnt seem to be as much enthusiasm for raw foods as there is in the US. I would luuuuv to win the book to get some better guidance, coz I havent lost any weight yet.
I have been dabbling in the natural health world for quite a while but diet was not high on the list of study. I have tried to go raw with information found on the internet but there is so much out there I feel overwhelmed and confused. I love this of what you said, ” I admire Darlene so much that I’ve been trying to figure out a way to steal a pair of her shoes and have them bronzed.
Now I’m settling down in Hawaii and am doing a 30 day lifestyle design experiment with the low fat raw vegan diet.
So Peter has got all of his blood group origins messed up, his dates wrong, and the evolutionary splits incorrect. I've been involved in exercise ever since I became a member of The Charles Atlas Club when I was 10 years old. If he’s got the evolutionary stuff screwed up he still may be spot on about the lectin connection.
All I know is I followed his O group recommendations several years ago, was still eating high-carb grains and yet managed to lose several pounds. Soft, buttery, creamy-white to greenish-yellow flesh which has a delicate nutty taste – it’s what makes us irresistible!
The avocado is native to Mexico, Central America and parts of South America and was cultivated by the ancient Mayas, Toltecs, Aztecs, Incas and other great American civilizations for centuries before the European arrived in the 'New World'.
Due to their thick, pebbly skin, the fruit inside of a California Avocado is naturally protected, placing California Avocados amongst the lowest of all fruits and vegetables for pesticide use. Like most fruits, avocados do not ripen until picked, so fresh ones will be as hard as rocks. To ripen, place the avocado(s) in a brown paper bag and store at room temperature for 2 to 5 days, away from direct sunlight.
Generalized wasting results in the functional decline of our entire bodies, such as would happen from prolonged bed rest or sedentary living. The stress we place upon our bodies during activities both physical and mental in nature is good stress, as long as we supply it in moderate amounts. If we perform an activity that our bodies are not conditioned for (for any of a great variety of possible reasons), then we will most likely experience an injury, or exacerbate an existing one. Although vigorous activity includes that both physical and mental in nature, the focus of this section will be on the physical aspect. Our lymphatic system supports the flow of a clear, watery substance called lymph through our bodies. In addition to making our lymphatic and digestive systems work in an orderly manner, the health of our heart and blood vessels, our lungs and respiratory passages, our joints and bones, our brains and nerves, and even our reproductive systems, hinges upon being fit.
How To Gain Weight: At the end of the day, there are only two (reasonably healthy) ways to gain weight. She views each new challenge as an adventure, often conquering longstanding fears along the way. As long as I meet my caloric needs with fruits, get my greens in, and feel fantastic, then I know that I am doing everything right.
If I don't make an issue of food, then it usually goes unnoticed that I am not eating like everybody else. It made me realize that my fat percentage was too high and how that can deteriorate my health, even the good fats. I was inspired to try this diet by one-of-my-very-very-best-friends-and-favorite-people-on-the-planet, Darlene Navarre.
At that time, Darlene had been eating raw for almost 10 years and let me tell you, it showed.  She was the happiest, glowiest, most youthful person I had ever met.
I was thinking I could display them in the kitchen next to my beloved Vitamix, kind of like a little raw vegan shrine. It kinda feels like someone smashed open a pinata full of unconditional love, rainbow glitter and magical unicorns. It’s an easy-to-follow raw vegan meal plan that shows you how easy and fun it can be to eat healthfully.

When a fan asked her for help transitioning to a raw diet, she started compiling her favorite recipes and put them in a book. Her recipes are always among my favorites and the entire book reflects Darlene’s spirit, which is vibrant, playful, and colorful. I’m now trying to figure out raw recipes for everyday life with husband, nursling and a toddler!
I feel amazing when I am on raw food but somehow sometimes get trapped into old habits and society where a friend offers you that brownie… I know that something is missing and I need help to be the best that I can be! I have much admiration for all the people out in this community who have found that happy, consistent, holistic balance.
I’m not very creative when it comes to creating different dishes so get stuck in a rut and then lose interest. Groves presentation shout out loud and clear that all humans would be healthier if they increased their fat intake mainly from animal origin and decreased the amount of carbohydrates mainly from refined sources. And we now know that the bad fats are trans fats as well as the fats made from seeds and vegetables. He does think that we should be eating the types of meats that were typically available which are lower in fat than the slaughter house, grain fed animals of today. Early European colonizers were enthusiastic about the new-found fruit and took it back with them to Europe where it was gradually introduced throughout the areas with climates favorable to its culture. Look for an even unblemished texture, uniformly hard or soft over its entire surface and those that feel heavy for their size. However, ripe fruits bruise easily with excessive handling in the markets, so it is best to ripen your own at home. An example of localized wasting is when we stop using a particular muscle for a period of several days or longer, until this muscle loses its strength, endurance, and size. The key to this moderation is in the degree to which the activity remains within our capacity to do it, and in the amount of recovery we allow in between activity sessions.
Overworking our bodies is as important to avoid as underworking them, because we cannot make up the time we lose if we hurt ourselves trying to do something we are not ready for.
Vigorous, physical activity is essential for many physiological reasons aside from pure fitness gains. The health of this system requires the changes in pressure that accompany the movements and heavy breathing that occurs during vigorous activity.
It is impossible to be healthy without also being fit, as fitness is integral to the proper functioning of our entire bodies. In her mid-twenties, she learned to downhill ski, initially dreading the experience but eventually mastering black-diamond runs. I knew diet and disease were related, and after some research found out that there was a link between the consumption of dairy and arthritis. At the same time, my family had stopped consuming dairy, and we were also transitioning meat out of our diet.
I always maintained a good level of fitness and for the most part was healthy, but being fit does not always mean you are healthy. In high school I had such a bad case of mononucleosis that I should have been hospitalized. They really don't say much and actually support most of my food choices because, they are aware that we changed our eating habits to help our daughter overcome her arthritis.
On my ride, I carry four bananas in my jersey and four bananas on my bike, along with a bag full of dates.
A lot of our bulk produce is non-organic because it is cheaper, and it is usually bananas, oranges, mangos, and tomatoes. Thankfully I’m eating raw vegan food or I’m sure I’d resemble the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters right about now.  I feel very fortunate that eating a pound of grapes does not have the same effect as say, eating a pound of Timbits. She was so inspiring to me that I returned home from Vegas and ate 100% raw vegan food for 6 months straight.  Since then, Darlene has continued to be my my number one raw vegan inspiration. Strangers often approach her to ask what her secret is, which is great because Darlene LOVES to share how a raw vegan diet has contributed to her health, happiness, and well-being.
All you have to do is leave a comment telling us where you are on the raw vegan path and why you want a copy of this book. One of the biggest barriers is how complicated many of the recipes seem – so love the idea of simple, easy recipes to start with!
I do love to spread health and joy around as I know you do, that is just one of many reasons why our friendship is so special a perfect. Over the last few months I have really cleaned up my diet and am focusing on whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits and veggies at every meal. As the newer convert in the house, and a recent corporate drop out embracing a new healthy lifestyle, my husbnd Mark is reveling ina ll things healthy and vibrant. I want to have more energy so that I can do more of the things that I truly love and one of my biggest goals is to never have a migraine in my whole entire life. With a book handy I wouldn’t have to look in my computer or on the web every time I needed to plan a meal. WHILE I am doing stretching and weights in the morning, I listen to like minded raw living individuals so I don’t feel so alone in this choice : ) It helps me make to through the day!!
To begin with, even if we were to believe in Peter’s underlying assumptions that diets should be prescribed upon blood types, he would have to completely revamp his original recommendations. My clients include kids, seniors (and everyone in between), top CEOs, celebrities, bestselling authors, journalists and TV personalities. Of course, this means proper planning, giving yourself 2 to 5 days in advance to insure they are ripe for your use. To be active is a privilege, and it is high time that we experience regular activity in our lives. All the while, Greece churned out more philosophers and scholars than any other culture in recorded history.
When we supply the resistance necessary to enhance our strength, speed, and endurance, we give our bodies permission to improve in these areas. When we do not use a muscle for an extended period, its functionality decreases as a result of the lack of demand placed upon it. More people nowadays are in poor physical and mental shape from continual disuse and misuse than ever before. Our digestion functions ideally when we expend enough energy before meals for our bodies to effectively utilize the nutrients coming in. Lymph transports excess fluid from within the tissues to the blood, removes and destroys unwanted bacteria in us, and also removes waste proteins from our cells and tissues.
If you are in a rut with your fitness regimen and want to be inspired to reach new heights, come over to Sedro Woolley in Washington State this September and meet the family at Health and Fitness Week.
I have been happily married for 15 years and have three wonderful daughters, ages 9, 7 and 6. I wanted to find out the truth about the foods we eat so that my family could be healthy and happy.
Since I couldn't make the raw diet work myself, I decided just to incorporate more whole foods.
In college I got sick and I ended up in the hospital, where the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. In one water bottle, I carry my "sports drink," grapes juiced along with one stalk of celery.
I also run marathons and I am hoping to break 3:50 in the next year (I think I am there now). In the summer I buy locally grown organic fruits, which tend to cost less than fruit that has to be shipped in. I would more then likely read the book and then donate it to someone who could be of even greater benefit to have it.

I have moved away from meat and dairy but really need to fill my nutritional gaps with the right things and make a transition that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Migraines have been in my life for as long as I can remember and I just know deep inside that there is another way.
I have started having Green smoothies some mornings but other days I am too tired and it all seems too hard and I make bad choices and then regret it! Luckily I was intuitive enough and had friends that are herbal wise and was able to (at least at this point) beat the cancer. I would order it now but my budget just went into the toilet due to a car accident that totaled my car.
If you have a friend or family member who is considering going vegan, implore them to watch this video. This is something I have been saying to my clients for years and it’s great to hear someone of Dr.
Type A’s should be eating a high protein, meat-based diet rather than the vegetarian fare he suggests. The message to learn from them is: exercise benefits not only our physical and emotional well-being, but our ability to think clearly, too. Exercising the muscle once again induces the stress it requires to grow, and with consistency its original power and bulk can be regained. Our legs are made for walking, running, and jumping, not for sitting in cars while the balls of our feet control our forward motion. Without exercise, our digestion becomes sluggish, and food ceases to move through as well as it should. In addition, lymph plays a role in transporting certain dietary fats from the small intestine to the blood, and in breaking them down so they can travel effectively through the blood. I got more power, can swim long distances and not getting tired (I live in Greece near the sea), eat about 1800 to 2000 calories, with less nuts and seeds, mostly Crete Avocado.
Two things you didn't give to me that would have allowed me to interpret your situation with more clarity is the fat and muscle percentage of your body.
Now, marathons are a breeze, and she looks forward to a hundred-mile ultramarathon for her next adventure.
We are always educating them on food choices, and they see how healthy they are compared to kids who consume dairy and eat junk food. I tell them that I used to use those too, but they never gave me energy and usually left me with a stomachache.
Although I still take time to rest, I don't seem to need as much water as other athletes and I am always hydrated.
With health issues caused by 7 years living in a house with toxic mold, raw to me means feeling my best.
After switching my diet over and making a real life Sykes change I was able to drop 40 pounds, get off my IBS meds, my thyroid meds, and a number of other great things happened.
I had a stroke and I am only 41 no cholesterol problems, no high blood pressure , Someone even suggested I caused this on my self by eating touch greens.
I changed the grading of the cancer from a grade 2 to a 1 in 2 months time which even had my surgeon surprised. World-class athletes began at levels similar to those of you and me in their youth, but instead of ignoring their capacity to perform, they enhanced it, consistently, for years.
Our arms are made for pulling, lifting, and pushing, not for sitting stationary while our fingers type, text, or write. Our bodies’ ability to absorb the nutrients in food is impaired without vigorous activity.
By maintaining a moderate to high degree of physical activity in our lifestyles, we assist our lymphatic systems in working properly. You can get these readings off a bioelectrical impedance scale, which can be had in the US for $30-$40, or from a number of other measuring tools. She is also training for her first ironman triathlon, which has required her first to learn to swim and then to overcome her fear of swimming in open waters.
Getting my carbohydrates from fresh, ripe fruits helped me overcome my salt cravings, though I'm not sure if I had salt cravings or that salt was always attached to fatty foods that I used to love. Most are happy that I have found something that works for me, but have no desire to make a change themselves. I spent 10 years on a cane from a car accident and along with regular chiropractic care and the energy of raw foods, at 48 years of age, I am now running and just this morning heading out for my second 5k race. I feel great on raw, I NEED to be on raw, my skin is better — for so many reasons, I need it and love it. I am now mentally better prepared to change how I eat and have done a lot of research on the web, but anyone that has done the same realizes that the information on raw food diets covers a very broad spectrum. Our minds are powerhouses for learning, adapting, and developing, whereas most people today do not use their minds to anywhere near their fullest capacity.
The activities are designed to be challenging, albeit suitable for participants at every level. I have noticed that people are really afraid of change, even when their current program is not working for them. And if they offer a great deal on a particular fruit, then that is what we eat for the next few days.
Their creativity, kindness, and attention to detail in everything they do amazes me.THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! This book would both help me find other desperation meals, (haha) and inspire my converted committed husband. I think it would help me finally get to where I want to be with my diet, weight and health. So I would love to have Darlene’s book to give me a guide and plan to stay on track and to give me the raw Meal ideas. We are becoming a society of degenerating people who are less able to do and think for ourselves than ever before.
Whether or not fitness is a strength of yours (excuse the pun), your experience there will leave you changed, for the better, for life. Most telling of the logical failings of Peter’s blood type diet is the observation that all four of the major blood types had evolved almost 250,000 years before the coming of the Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago. Ornish’s brand usually stop eating all the garbage they were eating before, start eating real foods and their health improves.
I'm going with the assumption that you're definitely under 19 percent, but how far under is the question. Yet Peter would have us convinced that three of the four major blood groups only came into existence slightly before or after the Agricultural Revolution, and as a direct result from dietary selective pressures wrought by Neolithic food introductions.
First off, I"m delighted to be the proponent of a diet where people come to me complaining that they've become too skinny!
If you wish to gain fat, then you must eat more calories than you're burning off, day after day. It's the opposite of the problem the vast majority of people in the western world have to deal with. You can figure out what this number is precisely by putting your body info and exercise amounts into nutridiary and then setting it for weight gain. I wish you the best of luck in achieving whatever weight you find desirable through whatever means you choose.
I didn't want to overwhelm them and take out the foods they enjoy, but I make sure they get their fruits and veggies in every day, and I keep junk food out of the house.

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