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I cannot express how happy I am, to not have to suffer through that tormenting pain called a urinary tract infection.
My digestive tract is incredibly healthy now, I’m very regular, and I get no pain at all in my intestines.
I have yet to see any improvements in my symptoms, so really just trying to gain some hope that my diet with help with this disease. Make sure you eat enough fruit and log your calories into cron-o-meter (a web based nutrition tracker) I weigh 130 pounds now and got to that with a low-fat, high carb, raw vegan lifestyle.
Are you able to eat tomatoes, papaya, and all the fruits and veggies that can irritate IC, without pain?
Most fruits and vegetables are actually very quite soothing to the bladder unless they’re not properly ripe.
I went from getting them every month, to getting them NEVER when I follow the low fat raw vegan diet consistently. It then spread miserably to my back, it was all over my chest, the sides of my face,  down to my neck, and even my arms!

My digestion is as fast as every and getting healthier every day with being a low fat raw vegan. Eating enough carbohydrates on the low fat raw vegan diet has made me the most talkative I have ever been in my life, my mind is so clear and sharp.
I had an IUD put in place a few months ago which caused an infection, and I ended up developing IC for whatever reason. I tried all sorts of different topical treatments to try to end the misery, and I was so embarrassed that I felt I needed to cover my face with makeup every day. I was very self conscious about how I looked and had a bad self esteem, this played a part in my social anxiety. This went on throughout high-school and a little bit of middle school.
I have been a low fat vegan for 7 months now eating lots of cooked carbs like potatoes and rice, but am considering going substantially more raw.
I have struggled with chronic constipation for as long as I can remember and I no longer have any trouble digesting my food every time I eat. The hospital decided I need a transplant, as the tubes connecting my kidney and bladder were improperly aligned.

Each time I took a weekly dose of medication for my current UTI, I’d get a yeast infection.
I can’t find any before pictures of me without makeup, since I hated getting my picture taken, but I still have some scars from the acne. I never thought I would have been able to say that I still have the scars left over, but they’ve been healing up nicely.
I can now eat pounds of food in one sitting when I used to only be able to eat a tiny portion, I’ve eaten 7 pounds of watermelon for breakfast before and I feel euphoric afterwords. I still have bouts of depression, but not much at all The low fat raw vegan diet is really a blessing. Nearly every low fat raw vegan I speak with raves about all of the extra energy that they have, so much so that they don’t know what to do with it all.

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