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This chocolate cake has been a favourite of mine for quite some time - I first made it over a year ago and fell in love - and no other chocolate cake has ever been able to top it. Best of all, this chocolate cake is a one bowl recipe and is so simple you could make it even if you had one arm, one eye and only 4 fingers (just as long as you had a thumb!). In fact, I first made this recipe for family and friends at a dinner party - I was running low on ingredients, but new I could whip up a quick chocolate cake with what I had in the pantry. In a separate medium mixing bowl combine applesauce, sugar and vanilla and pour into dry ingredients.

For the frosting, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy in a mixer, adding in the cocoa and vanilla and mixing until combined. Just don't be surprised when there's no left overs (and don't worry, after this photo was taken - that fork was licked clean).
One that gets asked for over and over again - one that is taken to dinner party after dinner party and barbecue after barbecue - one that always seems to disappear, without any leftovers.
But it's a cake that has been requested over and over and loved by my family and friends - even the Flamingo Pink girls fell in love with it!

I was nervous that everyone would hate it, even though I could eat an entire cake myself (it's that good) - but when it came time for dessert, all of a sudden people started asking.
Kerri said "oh Kristy, your blog is so healthy - but what are you doing to us with these decadent desserts?!

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