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We steam brightly colored bell peppers in the microwave to save time and then stuff them with orzo, spinach and feta.
Roasted with chili powder and cumin then tossed with cilantro and lime juice, these carrots are bursting with zesty flavor.
This is a creamy, refreshing dairy-free dessert Rick Bayless has served in his restaurant Frontera Grill for years. The flavors of coriander and tangerine complement the sweet scallops in this easy-to-make dinner salad. HEAT stock in pan and saute onions and garlic for about 5 minutes; Stir in eggplant and sweet potato. ADD canned tomatoes, parsley, chilli, curry powder, cumin and pepper; simmer until sweet potato is soft --- about 20 - 25 minutes. Combine ricotta, basil, currants, almonds, parmesan, breadcrumbs and egg yolk in a large bowl. Smoothies are a great way to get a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and a little protein, too. Enjoy a Peach Melba (peach and raspberry) smoothie year round by using frozen peaches and raspberries. I find this banana berry smoothie the perfect vehicle for delivering fruit to my berry-averse younger daughter.
Strawberries, mangoes, banana, yogurt, and low fat buttermilk make a tangy and refreshing (not to mention, pink) drink. Fresh, ripe peaches (or nectarines) and blueberries are perfect for this peach and blueberry smoothie, but if you can't get in-season fruit, quick-frozen varieties are a better bet than out-of-season imports. This family-favorite smoothie uses crushed pineapple, kiwifruit, orange, mango and bananas to make a tropical-style smoothie.
Why settle for store-bought pancake mixes when you can so easily make your own, more wholesome pancakes?

Filled with shredded carrot, crushed pineapple and raisins, these make a great breakfast muffin to be enjoyed with a banana and a glass of ice-cold nonfat milk, or warm cocoa. Crepes are thin pancakes which can be eaten in the same way as pancakes or rolled up with a filling of your choice. For a slightly different spin on breakfast, enjoy this burrito-style huevos rancheros, or Mexican-style eggs in a wrap. If you're watching your cholesterol, you may need to limit your intake of dietary cholesterol, of which eggs are a notorious source.
This is less a recipe and more a way to prepare a nutritious, low fat, high-energy breakfast. If you're a pancake lover, try adding a little extra fiber with yummy applesauce oatmeal pancakes. If it is a formal get-together, then for what occasion, what time of the day, and what time of year? About Manjula’s KitchenManjula's Kitchen is your home for Indian Vegetarian Recipes and delicious Cooking Videos. This basic recipe will work with almost any fillinga€”try substituting different types of cheese, herbs or beans. Though I would have loved it, I cut back on the spices (and skipped the eggplant) for DH, which made it a winner for him too. I make a point of freezing peeled overripe bananas so that I always have some available when I want to make a smoothie. If you're concerned about fat and cholesterol, use egg substitute or a combination of eggs and egg whites in place of whole eggs. While you undoubtedly lose some flavor in ridding yourself of the yolks, you can add flavor and substance to an egg white omelet in many ways. I use strawberries and bananas with my yogurt and low fat granola, but you can use any fruit that takes your fancy, and embellish it with a tablespoon of heart-healthy sliced almonds or chooped walnuts, or a sprinkling of wheatgerm.

If the guests will be staying longer after dinner, then you can plan for a heavier dessert.
I was making your Mattar Paneer, and as it was simmering, a representative for the electric company paid us a visit. Be careful not to overbeat the egg whitesa€”they should be white and very foamy, but not at all stiff or able to hold peaks. If you can find beautiful, freshly harvested small carrots, theya€™ll look and taste the best in this dish. Frozen bananas help make smoothies thicker and frothier, plus it means you don't need to use blade-dulling ice cubes in your blender to produce a cold, refreshing drink.
My favorite fat-free vanilla yogurt is one of the nonfat Greek yogurt brands such as Oikos or Brown Cow. Many people skip breakfast, especially if they're trying to lose weight, when in fact a more sensible strategy would be to skip dessert or late-night snacks.
A little maple syrup is perfect, or try some warmed applesauce and a sprinkling of cinnamon.
It made 3 tortillas worth (though probably would have been 4 if I hadn't cut back on the topping amounts) and each one was plenty to feed one person. When making appetizers or snacks, I like to make sure they are light and not a substitute for my main dishes.
So begin your day right and spend a little time eating a healthy breakfast, even if it means a little planning ahead.

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