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HEAT stock in pan and saute onions and garlic for about 5 minutes; Stir in eggplant and sweet potato. ADD canned tomatoes, parsley, chilli, curry powder, cumin and pepper; simmer until sweet potato is soft --- about 20 - 25 minutes. We are using semolina,almonds,bran flakes etc;for this reason,this laddoo can be a choice for those on diet. Sugar used in recipe is not a negative point compared to the other important ingredients like bran.Bran is a vital substance that provide dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.

I used a Boca burger & tossed it with some ketchup & mustard instead of adding it to the salad. As I'm not a ketchup fan I left that off and added some avocado, tomato and a bit of onion. Though I would have loved it, I cut back on the spices (and skipped the eggplant) for DH, which made it a winner for him too.
I put a bunch of mixed greens and the burger into a bun, poured on the ketchup and had a great sandwich.

It made 3 tortillas worth (though probably would have been 4 if I hadn't cut back on the topping amounts) and each one was plenty to feed one person.

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