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However, sometimes we are faced with situations where rest is not possible or we simply do not want to lose the fitness level we’ve worked so hard for. There are a few alternatives exercises you can do to maintain your fitness level while recovering from shin splints.
Aqua jogging is usually done in the deep end of the pool, where your feet cannot reach the bottom. Deep water running can be also used for sprinting by going as fast as you can for 10-30 seconds and taking the appropriate rest. It is important to try to create a proper running motion and maintaining an upright posture. Shins are not stressed in this exercise, because there is no impact to the joins or muscles of the lower leg. Good elliptical machines allow you to change the angle of the running to work different muscle groups. AboutShin Splints Clinic was created for the purpose of providing information about a sports injury called shin splints and its common symptoms, causes, exercises and treatments.

It is always better to take a rest and let your body heal in time instead of trying to fight through the injury.
For example much of a professional or a college athletes career depends on their athletic abilities. For some, doing these alternative exercises have even helped to to obtain a higher fitness level than would have been possible with regular training. I have seen any athletes come back and even improve their fitness levels while recovering from an injury. Using your legs and pulling in a wide motion basically uses the whole body and can make your hearth beat real quick. Doing these three workouts, along with strength training that doing create stress or impact to the lower legs can almost guarantee shin splints won’t take away your best shape. We have compiled a single source of information to help athletes understand more about the injury and how to prevent it. The creators of this site are not medical professionals and do not claim to provide any medical advice.

Continuing to run with a shin splints injury can create an even bigger problems and may in some cases be dangerous for your body. It’s important to remember that you can do hard workouts even with shin splints, but all impacts should be avoided. Exercises done in water for people with shin splints as there is no impact involved and the water might even have a massaging effect. It resembles running but your feet do not get a lot of impact staying in place similarly to cycling. One tip for runners is to let their arms go free on a running motion and work on proper technique while being able to be in more stable position than in normal running.

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