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Here we introduce some of the personalities those have proved again that India is a country of foods (and festivals). This is a pretty popular name that holds a great record in blending traditional Indian foods with global touch.
This Tribunal is primarily dealing with the ecological, environmental and biodiversity damage done to the river and the flood plains by the activity of the Foundation and the environmental consequences of holding such an event. The arguments in the case have just concluded. In the facts and circumstances of the case and keeping in view the urgency involved in the lis, it is required of the Tribunal to pass a short order giving its conclusions, reasons for which would be provided by a detailed judgment subsequently. Having heard the parties at length, perusing the records produced, the three Reports submitted by the Principal Committee constituted by the Tribunal in the main Yamuna matter, Prof.
The Board has failed toexercise due diligence and in fact it has exercised its authority improperly in taking a stand that no orders were called from the Board in the facts and circumstances of the case. We also state here that the information provided by the applicant was incomplete, vague and uncertain since it did not provide any specific data, supporting documents, comprehensive plan with regard to carrying on of such a huge construction, levelling activity and also construction of other approach roads, pontoon bridges, ramps, parking and a huge stage admeasuring 40 ft. For the damage caused to the environment, ecology, biodiversity and aquatic life of the river, the Foundation should be held liable for its restoration in all respects. The cost thereof shall be paid by the Foundation and DDA in the proportion as would be directed by the Tribunal finally. They shall also issue directions with regard to the source of water and source of power and its utilization thereof. Cultural activity could be recreational but the entire construction of ramps, roads, accumulation of debris, alteration of the natural topography and removal of natural vegetation from the flood plains, cannot be said to be recreational.
The above directions are issued, while leaving the parties to bear their own costs, for which the detailed reasons, as already stated, shall follow. The compilation is certainly going to be interesting for those have fun in playing with kitchen accessories. The quest started from his kitchen with his mother, and still continues including being the owner of SAANCH. For the reason of delay and laches on the part of the applicant in approaching the Tribunal and for the reason of fait accompli capable of restoration and restitution, we are unable to grant the prayer of prohibitory order and a mandatory direction for removal of construction and restoration of the area in question to the applicant at this stage.

It needs to be stated that the Applicant has not raised any challenge to the permission dated 30th June, 2015 granted by DDA and letters of other Authorities stating that no permission was required by the Foundation from them, although they had been placed on record and relied upon during the course of hearing. This Tribunal is primarily dealing with the ecological, environmental and biodiversity damage done to the river and the flood plains by the activity of the Foundation and the environmental consequences of holding such an event. The Foundation has submitted its application to various authorities for obtaining permission for holding the event. It is the consistent view of the Experts and is sufficiently evident from the documents placed on record that the flood plains have been drastically tampered with while destroying the natural flow of the river, reeds, grasses, natural vegetation on the river bed. In that regard and in exercise of our powers under Sections 15 and 17 of the NGT Act, 2010 we impose an Environmental Compensation, initially of Rs. It will also state the approximate cost that would have to be incurred for such restoration and restitution. Apart from cooking she has the degree in European business administration as well under her credit. She has more than 30 famous books under her belt, most of which have been translated in many Indian languages.
However, Ritu got into picture for her cookery show in famous Indian channel NDTV Good Times known as “Italian Khana”. He is the prime protagonist in putting lights on traditional Kerala foods prepared in temples on to the main stream.
This factor would place the Applicant at some disadvantage though his application would not be liable to be dismissed on this ground alone. We are not strictly concerned with the cultural event that is proposed to be held from 11th to 13th March, 2016. In any case, it was expected of the Board to issue appropriate directions in exercise of its statutory powers. It has further disturbed the aquatic life of the river and destroyed water bodies and wet lands on the flood plains, which were in existence, as noticed in our judgment in the case of Manoj Misra vs. We further direct that the entire area in question shall be developed as a biodiversity park in terms of our judgment in the case of Manoj Mishra (supra).

Strangely, it has neither conducted inspection of the site prior to the grant of permission nor during operation or subsequent thereto. All these authorities have failed to exercise due diligence in fulfilment of their public duties.
We would have expected the Foundation to disclose its entire project besides holding of the cultural activity to all the concerned authorities. Consequently, we impose a cost of Rs.5 lacs on DDA for its defaults and non-performance of its statutory functions. We may notice that the interim stay against the said judgment of the Tribunal has been declined by the Hon’ble Supreme Court vide its order dated 23rd November, 2015 in that case. Furthermore, they have constructed ramps, roads, compaction of earth, pontoon bridges and other semi-permanent or temporary structures etc. This amount would be adjusted towards the final compensation determined to be paid by the Foundation for restoration work. Kapoor has penned popular books like Low Calorie Vegetarian Cookbook, Khazana of Indian Recipes, etc.
Governor of Delhi on 11th December, 2015 but filed the present application only on 8th February, 2016. The permission granted by Government of NCT of Delhi is of no consequence as it is not the competent authority for rights over the river and in any case, it was a permission for only flood situation as is evident from the bare reading of the permission.
In the meanwhile, the Vyakti Vikas Kendra – India (the ‘Foundation’) had substantially completed the construction work on the flood plains and allied areas which would squarely fall within the jurisdiction of this Tribunal.

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