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For Hugh Jackman to gain his ridiculous amount in size in two short years, he had to consume a TON of food. Hugh is 44 years old and to develop a muscular physique at that age is astounding. As many studies have shown, it is harder to improve your physique as you get older because your metabolism slows down and less growth hormone is produced.
According to another study by the Department of Biomedical Kinesiology,your body receives a larger anabolic spike with your post-workout meal following fasted training. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Diet to get shredded for his part as Wolverine was nothing different when compared to the typical foods that you hear are essential to a diet. In order to lean out while putting on pounds of muscle, Hugh’s nutritionist had him on a high-calorie diet that was moderate in carbs and low in fat. If you are thinking of starting the Wolverine Diet in order to increase your lean mass, you need to determine what your macronutrients are. This is a sample picture of the typical Wolverine Diet macros for a 6’1 175 lb male who works out three times a week. After determining your macros and starting the eating routine, pay attention to how your body responds. The goal is to gain muscle while putting on the least amount of fat possible. Carb cycling is an essential way for you to cut down on your bodyfat while maintaining optimal muscle mass. Keep in mind that carb cycling should not be done until you feel that you have put on enough muscle.
While it is important to have proper nutrition during your implementation of the Wolverine Diet, it seems nearly impossible for many of us to consistently hit our macronutrients each day by eating food ALONE.
According to most interviews, Hugh regularly drank protein shakes before and after his workouts. Why is protein powder recommended as part of a regimen similar to Hugh Jackman’s diet plan? If you have heard anything from Hugh Jackman during his training for the Wolverine, he has claimed that eating so much chicken and fish literally makes him feel sick. By determining your own style of the Wolverine Diet, it’s on to customizing your Wolverine Workout routine. If you talk to plenty of people, chances are a good percentage of them are looking for ways to lose weight healthily and effectively. As reported by WebMD, the study discovered that a group of people on a low-fat diet who were overweight ended up losing more fat on low-fat diets than on low-carb diets. Initially, all of the participants ate enough calories to have their weight levels remain the same. The protein and fat remained the same for the low-carb folks, and the low-fat diet folks had their protein and carb levels stay the same.

Overall, even though the low-fat diet resulted in more overall weight loss than the low-carb diet, the diets affected the bodies differently — and those differences ended up being pretty complex.
As discussed in a recent interview, Jackman roughly takes in over 4,000 calories in a single day. How the heck could a person like Jackman consume that many calories without putting on hardly ANY fat? This means that your muscles may grow more quickly in a shorter period of time, but you’ll see better performance in the gym. While Hugh consumes nearly 5,000 calories with his diet on a daily basis, chances are you will need much less. If you feel as if you are gaining fat too quickly, cut down your daily intake by a few hundred calories. Several studies have shown that consuming creatine regularly enhances muscle growth and size. Many of the supplements will recommend you to take as much as 20 grams, but this is to get you to buy more of their products. Research has shown that after an intense workout, the glutamine levels in your body can drop by as much as 50%. The remaining 50 percent broke down into 35 percent fat and only 15 percent protein, which sounds awfully slim based on this high-protein focused diet world.
The participants even resided in special rooms that allowed their exhalations, inhalations, and bodily fluids to be studied to determine exactly how many calories they burned and the sources of those calories. What’s surprising to those who view carbs as the devil was that the low-fat diet provided a greater weight loss than the low-carb diet.
For Jackman’s latest role playing Wolverine in 2013, he claims to be eating an incredible 5,000 calories each day. What are the benefits of this type of eating schedule compared to a traditional diet approach? This means that after his early morning workout, he can focus on his shoot for a few hours before having his first meal. According to a study by the University of Virginia, growth hormone secretion increases significantly by fasting.
However, you must be training in a fasted state, just like Hugh does in the early morning hours. Keep in mind that Hugh’s trainer has him exercising for up to 3 hours multiple days a week.

In order to grow your muscles and get big following a workout, you need to be eating big and putting in the necessary work. Besides it being extremely hard to eat 4,000-5,000 calories at a time like Hugh Jackman did with his diet, most healthy food is expensive to purchase week after week.Along with the healthy food you eat, use supplementation to help you hit your macros. He most likely took additional supplements not directly tied to gaining size such as a multivitamin and fish oil pill. Protein powder will help you to consistently consume the necessary protein requirements on this diet each day. If you ever feel bloated while taking creatine or see your weight shoot up dramatically, this is the likely cause. Enter your name and email address for your free copy of the Wolverine Diet Ebook in PDF form.
If that many people are willing to figure out the complex #IIFYM diet in order to experience weight loss, a new study that claims eating less fat is better than eating fewer carbs to lose weight will surely interest them. However, those 10 men and nine women were reportedly closely followed when on the low-fat diets.
One eating plan consisted of the low-carb diet while the other represented the low-fat diet. What this essentially means is that Jackman fasts for 16 hours and eats during an 8 hour period.
On your rest days when you are not exercising, your goal is to keep your carb intake below 100 grams.
These are a few of the best that you can purchase online or at your local vitamin store (Pro Tip: Buying online is almost always cheaper).
In fact, a study from the Department of Health Sciences at Getty College has shown that individuals who consume a routine fish oil supplement end up with higher amounts of fat free mass over the course of a few months.
So much so that the group lived at the NIH while the study was conducted — and they were told to eat everything they were given in order for the scientists to get extremely accurate results. According to a study by Trinity and All Saints University College, a routine supplementation of glutamine post-workout can help lessen the change of injury, improve immune function and help you recover faster after over training.
Just remember that because you are on a lower carb intake at this point, many of your lifts in the gym may stall and you may find yourself losing strength.

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