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It's easy to look like you're wearing makeup — not that that's a bad thing — but we've all wanted to achieve that perfectly natural look, too. Whether you want to perfect the art of smoky eyes or make your lips look luscious, our experts will teach you everything right from basic make up tricks to advanced techniques.
Our make up artists help you perfect each makeup technique by doing up half your face and allowing you to complete the other half.
When you send me the details of my make up you used today can you please suggest brushes as well (the main ones I need) and where’s the best place to get them from. Hi, could u send me the list of products, face chart, instructions etc I am excited, want to practice at home.
Register for the Makeup Images’ Personal Makeup Class to learn flawless make up techniques.

By the end of the course you will be fully prepared for a natural summery look or for a glamorous evening in the city. I was a bit apprehensive at my age to do something like this but you made me feel so comfortable and I learnt sooo much!!
As three ladies with families and jobs we thought we would treat ourselves and wanted learn to do make-up the way the stars get theirs done! Most of us need a little makeup to look like we woke up looking effortlessly radiant (Beyonce knows something we don't, obviously). We were not disappointed, Angela took us through step by step on how to apply day and night time make-up and made us actually do it, so that when we walked away we would actually be able to replicate our looks! Since it's National Nude Day, you can get that no-makeup makeup look with these easy tips straight from the pros.

Combine this with a detailed list of products used and no obligation to buy the products (unlike other make-up lessons you go to!) and it proved to be one of the best experiences I have had- so much so that I have asked Angela to do my friends and I’s makeup for my 30th birthday party later on in the year! By nature, weddings are fraught with details, with the possible exception of last-minute elopements in Las Vegas.

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