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Designed by Dana TepperAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowNobody likes having under-eye circles, but like dry skin and the occasional zit, it's an unavoidable beauty blight that you've just gotta work with. Coloured loose powder sinks into all the crevices of the skin, making it look crepey (like wrinkled-up paper), especially at the end of the day when there’s grease and sweat and dirt thrown into the mixture. Our lips become thinner with age, which makes bright, creamy lipsticks a chore because of the extra prep work needed to sculpt a better shape. Powder foundation doesn’t sit well on mature skin because of the lack of moisture on the skin’s surface. 4 Easy Makeup Tricks That'll Make You Look YoungerPut less on your face—especially now that it's boiling out. In the summer, you want dewy, youthful skin and a bit of color on your face—that's it!
This makeup look shows you exactly why vampires are going to be the hottest costume this Halloween: They're hot! Photo retouchers can do a lot with Photoshop, from making a so-so gal look like a model to virtually applying makeup and cleaning up ugly cellulite. If you want flawless, airbrushed skin, look no further than the Luminess Air airbrush system. Scarlett Johansson is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, so she doesn't need much help beauty-wise with makeup and styling to look good. To achieve the perfect look you need to ensure that your base is completely flawless, so begin by learning how to apply your foundation perfectly. You don't have to frolick naked and spray tanned in artificial cotton candy clouds and wear whipped cream squirting bras to replicate Katy Perry's sexy candy-themed look for "California Gurls." Simply watch this video to learn how to create her glittery silver and purple eyes and plush nude lips. Dot on just a bit with your ring finger, or a makeup sponge, focusing your efforts towards the inner corners of your eyes.2.

It doesn’t even have to be dramatic – just pull the skin taut with your fingertips and extend the eyeliner upwards and outwards ever so slightly. Curl as close to the base of the lashes as possible; this gives your lashes a good ‘foundation’ that lasts all day. As we age, our skin loses its pinkness and our face loses its fat, making us look dull and tired. Soften the look by switching to dark brown eyeliner instead, which also makes you look younger instantly because it doesn’t contrast that much against your skin tone. Infuse your skin with moisture by going for a liquid or cream foundation with added skincare benefits. Sweep a matte bronzer along the jawline and down to the chin, then buff with a sponge or fingertips.
Go one shade lighter than your hair colour for a softer effect, and always blend, blend, blend. A slightly sparkly nude shadow applied from lash line to crease will attract the light, which brings out the color of your eyes and makes the whites look brighter. Finish with a peachy-pink lip gloss, a couple coats of waterproof mascara, and a few swipes with an eyebrow pencil on any sparse spots (just blend it with your fingers).
This vampiress makeup look features dark silvery black smoky eyes, extremely long false lashes, a made-over brow with a high, malevolent arch, and a deep aubergine lipstick. Flapper girls were trying to look like boys, after all, so they frequently adjusted their faces using makeup for that androgynous appearance. In his tutorial, Kandee teaches an important skill in a lot of costume make-up application: how to erase your eyebrows.
But for her recent ad campaign for Dolce and Gabanna makeup, she totally turned up the bombshell factor and went all out with sizzling Sophia Loren-inspired eyes and plush nude lips.

This will ensure that you have a smooth, radiant complexion and enhance the appearance of any other products that you use, even the most vibrant lipstick will look dull and cheap if you haven’t got your base coat right.
Heavy concealer only works when the rest of your makeup is very heavy, so if you're not loading on the cosmetics each morning, you should go a different route.
Try not to press the curler too hard as this creates a jagged angle instead of a rounded curve (and you risk breaking your lashes too). Swirl blusher in a rounded shape high up on the cheeks, and apply highlighter along the cheekbones to make them ‘pop’. Try a peachy-pink lip colour that complements your skin tone instead – it’s way more flattering, and is versatile enough for day and night. A general rule of thumb is that the head of the brows should be lighter, growing gradually darker towards the tail.
Our model, Caroline, had been using the same foundation year-round and would combat her hot-weather shine by piling on a lot of loose powder. Yet despite their intentions, their dark makeup ultimately became very sooty and sensual looking (perhaps from getting smeared after dancing late nights at a club?). Our tutorials will take you through a step by step guide of the application process and show you how you too can have a perfectly flawless and contoured complexion. I gave her a new routine that looks breezy and is so easy to do.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowStart with a BB cream.
Though it provides less coverage than foundation, it's more moisturizing, so your skin will look juicier.

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