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When I am stuck for inspiration in the kitchen then one of the first ingredients I pick up is usually some pork tenderloin and in this recipe I am giving it a spicy kick to turn an average mid week meal into something delicious and perfect for anyone on the Slimming World diet plan. Pork tenderloin is such a versatile type of meat and it is fantastic for anyone who is wanting to include some protein into their diet without adding in too much fat.
When I was thinking about recipes to use with pork tenderloin my imagination went wild but I had to narrow it down and so it was this spicy Mediterranean inspired dish that topped my list. In this pork tenderloin recipe I use fresh chilli but if you are making this for the entire family then you can of course cut back on how much you use, opt for a mild chilli or omit the chilli altogether depending on your tastes. I find that by adding a little heat to a dish in the form of a spice or peppers it helps to give depth to a dish and prevents a meal from becoming bland and boring. Chilli is also great to use when you are on a diet or following a healthy eating plan because it has very few calories and by making your food spicy you are firstly more likely to eat it slowly and secondly more likely to eat less – the perfect diet food all round.
I serve this with Chinese vegetables but if you are not counting the calories you can always add in some noodles or rice to the dish. The thighs of a chicken may not look the most appealing part of the bird but they are some of the tastiest cuts!
Not only are chicken thighs packed with flavour, they are also one of the cheapest parts of the bird you can buy from the supermarket making them a great choice when you need to feed the entire family.
This recipe for my slimming world chicken thighs is really easy to do and is a great one to throw on the barbecue during the summer months. I have removed the skin from the thighs to keep the calories and the syns down for this chicken thigh recipe but as always the option is always there to keep it on for the members of the family who are not watching their weight. We enjoy these as a light lunch but you could serve them with a green leaf salad or even some rice if you want them to be the main feature of the meal. Select "Post" to show off your original recipe and let others in the Community Recipe Swap try it for themselves.

I did what others had suggested I poached my fish in the milk and cooked the leeks seperately. WEIGHT WATCHERS and SmartPoints are the registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc.
My son, all of 5 years and 50 pounds, did a little dance in front of me, waving his arms in the air, insistent that I bend down and let him climb up onto my shoulders. There was no better place to be than up on daddy's shoulders, surveying the wonderful world from a place of majestic height. That day, my son's playful plea came while we were hiking a dusty trail on the top of Silver Mountain in North Idaho, where we'd come to ride the gondola and chairlifts during the warmth of summer.
We were over a mile into our hike, and my son had already walked and ran and skipped for hours. I could never have imagined the sudden emotion of dread that came over me after he climbed up and settled into place. When your children are newborn, so light and precious that you never want to put them down, you have no idea of the burden that is to come, and just how heavy it's going to be.
As he has moved through the teen years, dealing with all of the emotional and physical changes that come with them, I have watched him and felt almost paralyzed by the weight of his responsibilities. Even when he's away from home, I'll still get up each day and feel that heaviness that only a parent can know, and I will think of him. Like gravity, it holds me to this world, the one that has defined me as a father over the past 18 years.
Another slow-cooked meal that takes 15 minutes to prep and works well as leftovers for lunch: this Mexican-style chicken and beans meal is full of flavor as well as fat-fighting protein. Pork tenderloin is also a meat that will not break the bank and makes a welcome alternative for anyone who is stuck in a chicken rut!

For more information, please review our Terms and Conditions and Community Recipe Swap Official Rules. Put 4 individual gratin dishes or one large shallow baking dish in the grill compartment to warm. Maybe I'll begin to feel lighter as he grows and changes on his own, and I am reassured that he can face life's challenges with all the skill, strength, and confidence that I know he possesses. Warmed up the milk liquor, then added 2 teaspoons of cornflour blended with a little mik to thicken the sauce. Even though you can't always be aware of "lasts" with your kids, this one felt final because he was in the middle of a growth spurt and he had passed the point of no return as far as my muscles were concerned.
And, even though he has not sat atop my shoulders in a dozen years, I feel the weight of him there.
He doesn't know how much I work each and every day to keep my mouth shut so that he can figure things out for himself and carry the things that weigh him down without my help.
I used all the cheese in the breadcrumb topping and put fresh parsley in the sauce instead. Where, hopefully, he'll develop brand new muscles to carry all of his burdens through life.
I like that it's there, even on the days I wish I was free from the worries and strife that go along with parenthood.

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