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If you are working to achieve certain fitness or health goals it is of the utmost importance to prepare your meals (at least lunches and snacks) in advance.
After eating just 3 of these, I was so tired of these foods that I didn’t want to see them again for at least a week. Anyway, what I recommend is that if you are trying to do this, make sure to switch out the types of foods you pack. I am going to go back to what I used to do: take a part of dinner leftovers and make sure to round out the meal with the macronutrient that I am missing.

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That way you can make sure you meet your protein, carbohydrate, and fat goals for the day (and of course, get overall good nutrition).
What I mean by that is that I have found out that I hate to have the same exact lunch for more than 3 days straight.
An added bonus is that you know the meal will be healthier and you will stay fuller, AND your wallet will thank you. And the bad part is that the broccoli starts to smell terrible after a few days due to the sulfur components releasing into the container.

And then switch out your proteins with beans, fish, turkey, egg, and whatever else you like.

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