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Some people often question me that we are into exercising and we feel that eating 5 meals a day will make us gain weight. Maintaining the blood sugar level is not only mandatory for the diabetic patients but also for the healthy people. We all know that having right amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is of utmost importance in our daily routine.
Examination demonstrates that normal breakfast eaters have a tendency to be leaner and calorie counters are more effective at shedding pounds and keeping it off—when they consume breakfast. Today I thought of writing an article on the importance of having 5-6 meals a day instead of 3 meals a day.

But I would like to correct them all as, eating 5 meals will lead to increased metabolism of the body thus, giving you a toned up, lean body. People with sugar, hypertension, heart problems and even stomach issues seem to have amazing benefits with this routine.
Research has proved that people who eat only 3 meals a day tend to fix to a steady routine of food which has less variety of all the nutrients and they suffer from one or other form of nutritional deficiency. Likewise, individuals who commonly consume breakfast additionally get more fiber (all the more on why this is essential later), calcium, vitamins An and C, riboflavin, zinc and iron—and less fat and dietary cholesterol. Often a debate proceeds when this topic arises that how many times should one feed oneself to stay healthy?
Healthy snacking and balanced diet is the perfect combination to achieve the goal of staying healthy.
As by following this, not only our metabolism gets boosted, but also, our blood circulation, the working of the heart and stomach improve with this regimen. This blood sugar, gives us energy to work and make other systems in the body like digestion, heart pumping etc.

People who were supplemented with 5 meals a day had more valuable nutrients included in their diet plans.
Research has found that people who eat only 3 meals a day tend to have more cravings and thus they tend to fill their stomach with more calories in each meal. Maybe this is on the grounds that they regularly consume cereal, which is sustained with vitamins and minerals, and foods grown from the ground, which is characteristically supplement rich.
When you have 5 meals a day, you tend to eat in small amount and also your hunger pangs are taken care of. Consuming three meals will lead to release of sugar into blood in large amounts and later blood is deprived of sugar for another 4-5hours.
This sudden rise and fall in the sugar levels in blood leads to many problems like fatigue.

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