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Half of the patients treated with weight-loss surgery in the study were diabetes-free at five years, said Dr.
In 2009, he and his colleagues randomly assigned 20 obese patients with type 2 diabetes to receive medical treatment, 20 to receive a type of weight-loss surgery called a gastric bypass, and another 20 to undergo a weight-loss operation called a biliopancreatic diversion. Eighty percent of patients who had surgery had their blood sugar under good long-term control, versus about 25 percent of patients treated with drugs only. The improvements in blood sugar control and heart disease risk werena€™t related to how much weight patients lost.
Still, doctors are increasingly referring to this type of surgery as a€?diabetes surgery,a€? rather than obesity surgery, said Dr. Currently the National Institutes of Health states that patients should have a BMI of 40, or a BMI of 35 with obesity-related illness, such as type 2 diabetes, in order to be eligible for weight loss surgery. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics presented on Sustainable Baby Steps have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The first thing to understand, as I described in Coconut Oil Benefits, not all saturated fats are created equal.
Unfortunately due to an aggressive advertising campaign run in the 80's by soybean farmers looking to increase their market share, we've come to believe that ALL saturated fats are unhealthy for us.
Using raw coconut oil for weight loss is beneficial because the oil consists primarily of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), the kind that are not only good for you, but essential for brain function, muscle function (including heart muscle!), healing, energy and more. Coconut oil doesn't raise blood glucose levels and it is processed immediately by the body and turned into energy. Due to poor testing of the thyroid many people suffer from poor thyroid function (hypothyroidism) and don't even know it.
Unsaturated oils block protein digestion in the stomach which can leave us malnourished even while eating healthy foods striving for weight loss. In 2009, a study was conducted on women with abdominal obesity and the effects of coconut oil supplementation. A previous study in 2003 observed whether a diet containing medium and long chain triglycerides (MLCT) like those found in coconut oil could decrease accumulation of body fat in a group of healthy people.
The easiest way to start using coconut oil for weight loss is by eating it by the spoonful. The healthiest raw coconut oil for weight loss or thyroid is one that isn't heated in processing and is organic.
Their book, Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives, and how it can change yours, includes the research behind coconut oil benefits, over 100 testimonials from coconut oil users and over 85 recipes to incorporate these health benefits into your life easily. April Sheets is a peaceful parenting, babywearing and unschooling mom of three, an alternative medicine and natural immunity advocate, and raw food loving, juicing enthusiast. What you are about to read in this post, is MY experience, and the experience of many others I have met since. Several years ago, slightly over 7 to be exact, my husband (fiance at the time) was diagnosed with a cyst. I did not know what was causing the problem, and in reality was too preoccupied with everything else in my life to pay attention to my own health.
About 3 months before my husband and I tied the knot I went in for a physical and decided to go on birth control (BC), as he was still recovering and we wanted to postpone having children until he was well. My body, already exhausted from stress and lack of rest, now took another hit—one of the worst things that happened to females all around the world—birth control drugs. Before long, I had put on more weight, going from my slim 125 lbs frame to 168 lbs at my worst.
My skin started to change: my once completely moist and smooth face had now dry patches all over. Believe it or not, but the list of my symptoms could go on for a while, but I will spare you the details. Over the span of several years, after my husband’s recovery, I had gone through more stress, some of which had to do with moving states, my father suffering a stroke and eventually passing on and many other unattractive things of life.
I had visited several doctors and specialist trying to find out what was going on with my body. By that time I had already gone off BC (thank God for wisdom), yet after losing nearly 30 lbs my body refused to cooperate with me any further. Those of you who have been following this blog have heard the story of how I saved my husband’s life by changing our diet (you can read it under About section of the blog). I politely had taken the prescriptions I was given by MD and told him, much to his surprise, that I won’t be using them and will find natural ways to heal myself.
Full recovery did not come overnight, in fact I am still dealing with some minor issues, but the problems that I brought onto myself did not happen overnight either.
As my body was receiving more unadulterated nutrient, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it was using them as building blocks to replace the old, ailing cells in my body and to replenish its depleted storages that are needed for our bodies to function properly. I was recently tested and the results have confirmed what I have known for a while—I no longer suffer from Hypothyroidism!
Once you determine what causes the problem, you can address those issues and reverse the symptoms. This is just a brief report that should provoke my readers to start thinking independently and take control of their own health. If you have a comment or a response to this post, I will be more than delighted to hear from you.
If you, or your loved one, is struggling with thyroid disease, you will want to have this eCourse! If you don’t have thyroid issues but know someone who does–send this post with them, so they can learn how to improve their thyroid health naturally. Since you are not a client of mine, I cannot make any recommendations besides what you read in the post.
Elena, Wow, I am thrilled and thankful that you took the time and effort to write about your health issues and experiences. I am also hypothyroid, but I want to ask everybody here if they also have amalgam tooth fillings in their mouth? After decades of gaining weight in spite of dieting and exercise, I fear that it’s all been due to my underactive thyroid.
The good news is that you can resolve fibromyalga and hypothyroidism by transitioning to a plant based diet. Peg, you are correct, you might not be able to quit all meds after 25 years, but you will be able to reduce the dosage, as you get better. I ended up here because I was looking for going-vegan-help and I saw your comment on a marie claire article. All in all, I would highly recommend doing my 30-day program, at a consultation with me, so I could review your food intake and make recommendations.
For me it took only a few months to start seeing the difference and each year my TSH looked better. I was told i was borderline hypo about 3 months ago and have been feeling better each day with eating raw vegetables and other nutrient rich foods, i would just like to know if i will ever be able to enjoy a night out with my husband and not have to worry about throwing my thyroid all out of balance?????? I came across your blog just now (hah, by typing in the title) and I want to reverse hypothyroidism. And also, do read other articles linked in this post to make sure you get all tools needed to help you heal your thyroid. Kurt, the studies that have been done regarding meat intake were done in regards to other diseases showed that as long as you keep your meat intake under 10% of your diet (about the size of a deck of your cards) you could still get away from some of the major adverse affects from it.
As I’ve been researching I noticed that kale, spinach, nuts, cruciferous vegetables etc are widely considered to be dietary triggers. So I am curious as to whether you avoid the above food triggers, or whether they happen not to be triggers in your case. Francesco Rubino of Kings College London in the UK and colleagues in a report in The Lancet.

But the surgery-treated patients had a 50 percent lower risk of heart and blood vessel disease than those treated with drugs only, and they needed fewer drugs for treating high blood pressure or high cholesterol. An international study published earlier this, for example, found that after two years, people randomized to have gastric bypass surgery had better control of their type 2 diabetes than people assigned to a medication group, but they also had a higher risk for infections and bone fractures.
Philip Schauer, the director of the Cleveland Clinic Bariatric and Metabolic Institute and a bariatric surgeon, in a telephone interview with Reuters Health. Schauer pointed out that about half of patients with type 2 diabetes are unable to control their blood sugar with medication and lifestyle measures.
They should not replace personal judgment nor medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Coconut oil is not unsaturated and doesn't have these negative effects on thyroid function. Forty women, from age 20 to 40 years who had a waist circumference greater than 34.6 inches, received a daily dietary supplement of either 30 mL of coconut oil or 30 mL of soybean oil. They offer so much research and information and many more natural, organic products for your health. I, the author of Vegalicious, will not be held accountable for the use or misuse of the information contained on this site. I was also working a full-time job and spent most of my time (all of my “free” time) at the hospital.
I was too ignorant to know what they might do to my body, even after reading the insert, and my MD did not care to explain them or even cared to be concerned for my well being.
While she never bothered to figure out what caused my body to change, BC covered up only one of the symptoms that I developed at the time.
My knees were in constant pain, and I could even hear them crackle when I bent or unfolded my joints. Next was my hair: it was falling out in droves, as if trying to evacuate before an inevitable disaster. I ended up having punctual plugs inserted into my eye in an attempt to retain much needed tears.
Being that I had never recovered from the initial stress that started all these problems, what had followed simply compounded and made things much worse. Some of them were well known in their field and respected in the medical community, yet Not ONE could tell me what caused my problems. When I insisted on knowing the dangers of being “border-line” no one could explain those to me, and I was insistently told that I am OK and had nothing to worry about.
As I stood to believe the cause was hypothyroidism and the only way out was to medicate myself. Through that experience, if there was one thing that I had learned, and I learned many, was that I am my best advocate and caregiver and that I should never take a word of MD without thorough examination and questioning.
I had learned that the most important tool in my recovery was patience, to be superseded only by nutrition and rest. I excluded any and all processed foods from my diet; I started to eat green smoothies on almost a daily basis.
There are still a couple of issues that I am diligently working on (one day I will write about them too) that prevent me from saying that I am in PERFECT health.
I can go into details and medical terminology to explain correlation and processes of certain chemicals and hormones our bodies use to make us tick properly—I have become quite well versed in that area. The dctor told me to go on medication so Ofcourse I had to go on the medication because of parents. It seems that there is either a detox period, or that you should have worked with your MD to cut it down slowly. I went vegan over 3 years ago, and while I did lose close to 40 lbs, I still have another 130 lbs to go. Sorry to hear about your struggles, but you are right, your doctor is to be thanked for not putting you on meds. It is a good thing that it is never too late to start exploring other worlds, as long as we are alive! And often they should not be prescribed for most people, as thyroid markers naturally fluctuate from one month to the other. Having worked with hundreds of clients through similar issues I know that this method word. Changing to a vegan diet should help, but how will I know when or if I can quit taking the medication?
Bloating can happen when someone changes from a low fiber to high fiber diet, but that does go away.
If you are gaining weight long term, it sounds like something is off and you might not be doing something right, so tracking your food intake and having it evaluated would be a great thing to do for yourself.
If there are any other symptoms besides bloating and weight gain, there could be a possibility of candida die off, but again, I cannot comment on it without knowing all of the details of your diet and lifestyle and your health.
If you are eating a variety of foods I would caution you against using isolated vitamin supplements. Some of the symptoms you describe could be ascribe dot detox, but they should not hang around for over 2 months. Fatigue and knee soreness sounds like a sign of detox–it happens when body pushes toxins out and begins to heal. Some, who do my program, notice immediate changes, while others, depending on their condition, have to be a little bit more patient. I haven’t been taking the synthroid prescribed, even though I have refill upon refill. You are right, for 95%+ of us, there is a much better option–changing the way we treat our bodies, which means changing our diet and lifestyle, and cutting out birth control, if we are using it.
I and the community can give you as much encouragement as you need, since I have a lot of women who were able to improve their health just like I did. Now, I haven’t been diagnosed but a couple of changes (and a case of insomnia and paranoia) led me to believe I have Hypothyroidism, it was only a couple of days ago I have had a slight ache on the right side of my neck, and then small aches in other parts of my body which I ignored. One question though can you still eat meat in moderation if you like that is with the hyperthyroidism?
As luck would have it, much of my diet has consisted in these very things the last few months (because I am prone to systemic yeast infections, and also kale is delicious). Daily medication should be a last resort – especially in those who still have much life ahead of them. What is known, he added, is that the intestines produce a host of hormones involved in regulating metabolism.
Based on the new findings, he said, bariatric surgery should be offered to these patients if they are moderately obese, for example with a body mass index (BMI) of 35. Always talk to your naturopathic physician about the use of these or any other complimentary modalities. They can also block thyroid hormone secretion and its regular functions through the circulatory system, and tissues in the body. Instead, coconut oil helps the thyroid gland to function normally, and it helps people meet and stay at their ideal weight.
The participants in the MLCT group were given bread for breakfast daily, made with 14 g of MLCT containing 1.7 g medium-chain fatty acids. As many of you might have heard from your doctors, that are fighting this giant, the answer is “NO!” and emphatically so.
He was hospitalized and had undergone a major surgery with two smaller ones in the following 2 months. My husband needed a lot of care and attention that he did not easily accept from the hospital staff, so I had to make up for what they could not do. Instead of trying to figure out what was causing it, she cheerfully wrote out a prescription for BC and sent me on my way.

With time I had learned just how detrimental birth control drugs and devices can be, but I perhaps one day will write another post on that topic.
BC caused drug induced menstruations, while the rest of my health was spinning out of control.
There were times I was in so much pain I could not get out of bed, and my husband literally had to pull me up on my feet.
By the way, if you are suffering with a dry eye syndrome, and you are on birth control—get off if as soon as you can—elevated progesterone levels are the culprit! At best, they each tried to diagnose me with, what seemed, unrelated health issues and offer severely invasive procedures to improve… THE SYMPTOMS. With time I found out that what is considered “border-line hypothyroid” by one doctor can be considered hypothyroid by another. I actually now formed an opinion that I need MDs for diagnostic purposes only, unless there is a NEED for a surgery or something of sorts. I was able to dig to the bottom of what caused the problem, rather than masking multiple symptoms. I was tempted numerous times to fill the prescriptions that were sitting in my file drawer to get some relief, but then I chose to rather struggle for a little time longer than get a momentary relief and undermine my full recovery. I make sure to add sea weeds to my smoothies for iodine, and take an occasional Kelp supplement when I have no time for a smoothie.
I had since learned how to eliminate and avoid unnecessary stresses and how to properly deal with the ones we must face to live. However, most readers simply want to know the tools to use to improve their health, rather than making sense of what makes those tools work. Currently I’m taking the 75mcg synthyroid, The doctor said my thyroid is back to normal but I still have to take the pills everyday to maintain it. I have been on this medication for over 7 years now and recently made the conclusion that when I began my treatment I began experiencing horrible acne that I have been fighting with one medication or another since I was diagnosed. If you need help, you can always do a consult with me, or do one of my programs to help you along.
Without that knowledge, for all I know you might be eating chips and vegan desserts and that is why you are feeling terrible (I am NOT saying that you are, by the way). My first few years after the diagnosis I made sure to take regulars tests while eating a healthy, plant based diet. Then came the chills, even when I was under the covers or had the heater on in my home, which in a manner freaked me out, but it wasn’t until last night I really took a close look in the mirror, the base of my neck appeared to have been puffy, swollen. Reconstructing the gastrointestinal tract so that food bypasses the stomach and small intestine may help restore normal metabolic control, he explained. Upon completion of the 12 weeks only the coconut oil group had a reduction in waist circumference.
As such, the information you read cannot be taken as medical advice or substituted for one. Her only concern was that I refused to have Pap smear done, for which I fought tooth and nail, and, on which, after doing a bit of reading, she had to agree with me.
Up until that time in my life I had never known what it was like to feel depressed or sad for an extended period of time, however, as my health began to worsen, I plunged into the depth of depression and had to fight tooth and nail to appear normal to others, while struggling from day to day.
Eventually, less than 2 years ago, after making a list of all my symptoms and doing a research, I diagnosed myself (this is sadly spoken). My knee joints, which have been assisted by certain exercises, were still aching, my eyes could not get through a day without eye drops (don’t forget the punctual plugs either); hair was going through seasons of thinning itself out.
Being patient had also afforded me the opportunity to further educate myself on the subject, to ensure that I would never go through it again.
It was “safe” and “approved” medication that has no place in a life of any woman (yes, I am convinced enough to speak for every woman). In any case, your page is very much in keeping with my instincts on the matter, and I have a specific question about diet. The coconut oil group experienced no changes in cholesterol levels, but the soybean oil group experienced a decrease in HDL levels and an increase in both LDL levels and LDL:HDL ratios. Upon completion the subjects experienced significant decreases of body weight in the MLCT group.A As well as a decrease in serum total cholesterol was noted in the MLCT group compared with that of the LCT group. Since I believe in sharing personal experiences to show people whether something works or not, I would like to invite you to follow me as I journey back to my own past. Given that the surgery was quite invasive, although very skillfully performed, it took him nearly two years to fully recover.
There are many other wonderfully sane and safe methods that are effective in planning a family (and I am not talking about abortions here, because they are neither safe nor sane).
Had I gone to see a doctor for depression, I know that the only thing that would have been done for me would be yet another prescription. I limit intake of processed fats in my diet (that includes oils that are deemed as ‘healthy’).
It also was a need for a change in my diet: going to an all-plant, unprocessed, organic mostly raw diet helped my body to restore itself. Or so I thought… For the last two months I have been exercising daily, eating all organic (not vegan), cutting my Levo in half, and supplementing with natural supplements to help thyroid production.
Im talking about looking like Im 4 month pregnant at all times, Ive actually gained about 7 lbs since becoming vegan and my purpose was to loose weigh since Im about 40lbs overweight.
I know I have to consult an MD so I can find out if I have Hypothyroidism or not but I don’t want to hop on medication.
The scientists concluded that coconut oil does not cause high cholesterol and triglycerides. Before I knew, I put on 30+ pounds, developed anterior knee condition and my menstrual cycles got crazier every month. I was also told that I could never be cured of it and will most likely need the aid of medicine for… the rest of my life! I am starting to forget what depression feels like [the memories are still too fresh in my mind], and thank God for that every moment I am alive. I eat tons of vegetables you name it i eat it which is why i decided to go vegan i figured might as well give it a try.
Aside from bloating I am becoming very depressive I have no energy to do things and its a struggle to go to school, workout etc.
I have just bought a dehydrator (Excalibur) and I am setting it up to begin my journey into being at least an 80% raw vegan.
I am, however, going to try this method you’ve shared with us, praying that it will work.
I ve been pushing my self to workout this week even though Im so bloated and its horrible sometimes I get nauseous and start burping like crazy in class (embarrassing). However, this last week I have tried not taking any or very little Levo and I feel so awful! I’ve read online that people with Hypothyroidism should stay away from strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. I no longer feel like a functioning human being and the struggle to stay off medication is becoming increasingly more difficult I am curious as to how long you had to suffer before beginning to feel better?
I started taking my vitamins religiously every morning Iron Zinc B complex etc from that day on, but aside from less muscle soreness I’m still very irritable and have no energy. To the say the least, I have noticed I’m no longer sensitive to cold as I was yesterday.
My husband went vegan with me and he also has experienced unusual fatigue (especially pain in his knees which is a symptom hes always had when hes tired.

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