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Data presented by the manufacturer of the drug, Vivus, showed that it helped patients lose about 10 percent of their body weight.
There is some big, BIG, BIG news in the world of obesity treatment: Qsymia (formerly Qnexa), a weight loss drug previously rejected by the FDA is back, and poised to become a treatment that could help millions of people.
Call 801•393•3586 any time to listen to our free 24-hour phone consult, or leave a message to schedule your personal consultation!! We offer individualized diets, physician-prescribed and monitored hCG diet program with pure, prescription-strength hCG injections as well as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Hypothyroidism — decreased thyroid function — is one of the many reasons (excuses) people offer up as to why they can’t lose weight.

A new study presented by researchers from the Boston University Medical Center at the annual American Thyroid Association meeting found that, contrary to popular belief, effective treatment with levothyroxine (LT4) to restore normal thyroid hormone levels is not associated with clinically significant weight loss in most people.
That was a surprising finding to everyone because it has long been thought that decreased thyroid function leads to weight gain. This leaves the door open to the possibility that hypothyroidism is not necessarily the cause of obesity. Food and Drug Administration earlier this year is available by prescription starting today.
Therefore, it would seem that restoring thyroid function through medication would lead to weight loss.

The information on this site is designed to support, not replace the relationship between a patient and their doctor.
In fact, only about half of the hypothyroid patients successfully treated for their hypothyroidism lost weight.

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