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Many men aspire to be Mens Health cover models but very few actually make the cut so it is surprising to learn that Spencer Mathews of Made in Chelsea fame has achieved this goal in just 6 short weeks. Before starting this regime Spencer weighed 13 stone 8 lbs with a body fat percentage of 17%, which may not be too bad but is certainly not cover model standards.
6 short weeks later he had lost a stone in weight, with his body fat percentage falling to just 8%. Small food portions were eaten regularly to keep the metabolism working throughout the day, with many exotic foods mixed in to keep the meals from becoming too boring.
Spencer was asked to workout an hour a day for 6 weeks with Shaun Stafford, the WBFF PRO Fitness Model World Champion who pushed him to the limits of his fitness.
Each workout session consisted of full body workouts with weights, with low reps were used to begin before building up to higher repetitions and heavier weights. He was also asked to fit in a few cardio sessions too, with a short run, swimming or cycling the preferred options. During the 6-week period Spencer Mathews took a range of Forza fitness supplements that were needed for him to control his cravings, to burn stored body fat and give him the required amount of energy and protein his body needed to build muscle.
One particular supplement he took was Forza T5 Super Strength, which he usually took first thing in the morning to give his body the best chance of burning fat. Of course you can achieve a cover model body, however it will require a lot of hard work on your behalf. Remember Spencer Mathews had a professional trainer who was willing to push him almost daily to achieving his goals. Most of us will not have the money to pay for a trainer, nor will we have the time to workout for an hour every day. However, if you are willing to put in the work and can stay dedicated then his body is certainly achievable. 6 Tricks to Get Rid of Water WeightThe human body is full of water, almost 70% of it to be .. Diet for a Year to Keep the Weight OffNew research has indicated that if you want to keep the .. Shopping List of Weight Loss Ingredients RevealedWhen it comes to weight loss, what you eat is the most .. This is an example of a page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. Does over 50 mean over the hill?  To Peter England of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, over 60 doesn’t even mean over the hill.
Peter overcame injury and illness to drop twenty pounds, add lean muscle mass, and hit the bodybuilding stage.  Now 66, Peter boasts a 30” waist, a 40” chest, and hardware from multiple wins on stage.
A close friend had been a competitive bodybuilder in her younger days but maintained a very rigorousworkout schedule even though she no longer competed. In short order I began to see my weight drop and I seemed to easily add muscle to my frame. At first I thought the obvious; namely, men do not start competitive bodybuilding at age 60.
To my surprise I won the class, the oldest person in the history of the Provincial competitions to win the Masters Class.
A: In general I like to eat 6 meals a day with an emphasis on high protein content (40%), followed by carbs (40%) and fat (20%).

The only difference between the “build” diet and the “contest prep” diet is a lowering of the carb intake and replacing it with increased protein. One of: 1 can tuna with 1tbs fat free mayo, ? cup fat free cottage cheese or 200 ml egg white omelet with chopped chicken breast meat or 6 oz. A: I have two different types of workouts that I do – one during the “build” months of training and another I use during the final stages of competition preparation. My favorite is a four-set routine with pyramid weights in the order A – B – C – A and reps of 15-12-10-failure. Each workout begins with 5 minutes cardio warm up and concludes with a further 20 minutes of interval cardio with a using a heart rate monitor and a range of 132-160 bpm. Don’t measure your success by how you see yourself as compared to others, but rather set your own personal goals and strive for them regardless of what the competition might look like.
This is Natralie Cassidy, an actor in the UK who shot to fame on the popular TV soap Eastenders, and the picture above is how she used to look. I was actually disappointed when I saw that she had let her self go and put all that weight back on again.
They might understand that you are human, and that very same audience could possibly be the cause of raising you up from the pits of demise to a once again glorious rise… to the top!
We all know that when Oprah speaks and endorses something, it becomes an instant impulse purchase for those who listen to what she has to say. Incoming search terms:p90x before and after (785)insane bodybuilder (542)before and after (360)before after (258)p90x before and after pictures (170)p90x before after (157)before and after fitness (141)bodybuilding before and after pictures (105)bodybuilder before after (104)before after fitness (103)Be Sociable, Share! Fitness RX Magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to weight loss and healthy living.
Echo Media, founded in 1992 and privately owned, is an industry leader in direct response advertising.
Download our weight loss charts as printable PDF files or as weight loss tracker for Excel.Everyone wants to lose weight as they are never satisfied with their own body weight or shape. At the same time a younger member of the gym whom I befriended during workouts together indicated he was going to compete in the Provincial Novice competitions in the spring. But never having been one to be content to live “inside the box” and at his urging I decided to give it a try. After that I was hooked and have since competed in two additional Provincial competitions, finishing second each time.
My doctor has now prescribed Testum, a daily gel which dispenses 5 mg through skin absorption. But, I can suggest that you add the PSA test to your yearly medical exam and earlier rather than later.
I chose Brachytherapy, a means of injection radioactive pellets directly into the prostate.
The one I’m using right would qualify as my “build” workout as it is still many months before the next competition.
A positive outlook in life has always served me well, even in times of significant health issues. Then, she left the show, disappeared for a while, and re-appeared on the scene, slimmer, sexier and magically even prettier than before. These are the people that were most likely in the exact same situation as you were, yet you managed to achieve where they continued to fail. There are companies all around the internet that claim Oprah has endorsed their product, when in fact, all she done was give the actual acai berry the thumbs up after a recommendation from Dr.

Our skilled staff believes that advertising must produce measurable results and a profitable return on investment while continuing to build and maintain brand awareness. Coupled with health issues including prostate cancer, herniated discs in my lower back, a detached retina and two broken wrists (but not at the same time!) it was time to take control of my health and get into shape. With the support of fellow members of the gym, I competed in the Novice competition at the Masters Level (40 & over). It not only gives you a relatively accurate breakdown of your nutritional content but the mere fact of entering the data keeps your choice of menu foremost in your mind . This provides for an even distribution with positive results including improved mental functioning, lean muscle development and increased libido. It was my insistence with my doctor based on the fact I had a friend younger than myself diagnosed about the same time, that I had the test and to everyone’s surprise found the cancer, luckily in the very early stages. This day surgery is minimally invasive with a high success rate if the cancer is detected early enough. Now with my prostate cancer added to the family history, my three sons are at a significantly increased risk of cancer.
If you believe you are what you eat, then you must also understand that you will be what you believe in. Because of that they will always look up to you, and anything that comes out of your mouth will be taken at face value and executed without question.  If you are going to be a role model, then be one. What I’m talking about here is the actual supplements some of these companies are putting on on the market. These articles are comprehensive and thought-provoking and have the kind of cutting-edge, science-based information readers want. Not only are they full of aches and pains but they wile away many hours surfing the net for lack of a more constructive pastime. I have lectured them about early PSA testing but more successfully have lobbied their spouses!! So to those who think a good workout is walking the mall, even on a regular basis, just remember you need to maintain muscle mass even to walk and the only way to do that is with the use of weights – i.e. This helps to maximize my belief that optimum recovery time is 72-96 hours after a muscle group is worked. And just know that there is NO magical way to get real, meaningful fitness or bodybuilding results without some hard work and gut wreching graft. I am very careful to focus on building lean muscle as shedding fat becomes more challenging as you age due to a slower metabolic rate. But if I ever do, you can be damn sure that I’ll be providing long term value at the end of the tunnel. And it’s definitely motivating to have people constantly tell me how I don’t look my age and how absolutely fit I look not just for a man in his sixties but that I easily put many a 30 year old to the test. I also maintain protein as the primary element in my diet balanced against a reduced carb intake and minimal fat intake.

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