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Spinning is a full body workout so you don’t need to do anything extra, one class and you are done. Since it is a group workout, all the participants are able to motivate each other which makes them perform better than conventional workout.
Spinning is based on heart rate training, so it helps in improving the cardiovascular endurance.
While you tend to get bored of running on a treadmill or by riding a conventional bike, this is a way to add spice to your workout.
Since there is no locking of the knee, people with bad knee problem are advised to do spinning to increase the strength, while the treadmills and cross trainer are strictly restricted.

Spinning helps in toning up of the biggest muscle of our body which is legs and glutes along with shoulder and core. As spinning is a program based upon music, it also increases the neuromuscular coordination (coordination between your brain and your muscles) which helps improve the reflexes of a person. So make sure that you put at least 2 to 3 spinning sessions in your workout schedule and get the results that you desire while having fun. Akshay Kumar Proves That He's A Real Life Star, Donates Rs 50 Lakhs Towards Drought-Hit Maharashtra! The loud music and electrifying energy of the spinning class makes it so interesting that you would want to go on and on.

So he decided to make the Spinner which used the same mechanics as that of an outdoor bike.

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