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Luckily, there are several tweaks and tricks that can help your older phone run like new, at least until the newest one comes out. Turning off Background App Refresh can also help reduce the burden on your phone’s processor.
Apple tips site OS X Daily recommends that disabling Siri suggestions can also help speed up your iPhone.
You can also add a new case, which can add additional protection so your phone doesn’t break further, and it can also put some material between the shattered glass and your fingertips. If your home button or power buttons stopped working, you’ll need to find other ways to turn your phone off and on. Another issue is that batteries age and hold significantly less charge than when your phone was new.
You can also tell your iPhone not to keep full-size photos anymore, which can also save space.
And if your device still is slow and crummy, even after all of this, there’s still the nuclear option. And if all else fails, you can buy an decent unlocked replacement phone for as little as $100, as long as you’re OK with Android.

I went into my closet to try on some of my cute summer capris and tank tops last month, and I almost passed out when I saw my reflection in the mirror. The good news is, I stumbled upon an awesome channel on YouTube called XHIT Daily, which has a collection of videos to teach people like you and me how to get the body of a Victoria’s Secret model without leaving your living room.
DaniDani is a 30-something freelance writer and social media consultant who has an unhealthy love for makeup, hair, and fashion.
Between being featured in the Most Beautiful Women of Hawaii calendar for 2014 & holding the title for Miss Maxim Hawaii 2007, Brigitte Patton is no stranger to being in a bikini on camera.
I sat right next to Brigitte in AP Physics and I can honestly say she hasn’t aget a bit. But if the touchscreen still works, then putting a protector over it can make it smooth to the touch again and save you from glass splinters. At the two year mark, most batteries have a fraction of the capacity that they did when they were new. You don’t know what germs and dirt have accumulated over the years, and sometimes a quick cleanup can make your device feel like new. She lives with her husband and 4-year-old daughter in Toronto, Canada and hopes to move to a warmer climate someday.

I usually keep my fridge stocked with frozen spinach, eggs, tomatoes, & cheese [ preferably low-fat feta cheese ].
Press select at the top right hand corner, decide which photos you want to delete, then press the trash can icon on the bottom right corner. It’s a great way to massage and stimulate the eye area in the mornings to fight away puffiness.
I recently moved to San Diego, California about a year & a half ago from Honolulu, Hawaii! Not only is exercise important, but I try my best to watch my diet for the days leading up to the shoot.

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