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It is pretty well established that exercise alone (without any dietary intervention) does a poor job in losing weight. Most exercise programs for weight loss consist of some sort of cardiovascular activity at a moderate, steady-state intensity for around 30 - 45 minutes. This type of high intensity intermittent training (HIIT) is popularly known as Interval Training.

High Intermittent intensity training (HIIT) protocol:Each subject performed 8 s of sprinting and 12 s of turning the pedals slowly for 20 - 30 rpm for a maximum of 60 repeats of sessions. Interestingly, despite exercising half the time, HIIT subjects lost 11.2% fat ( about 5 lbs) whereas the SSE subjects experienced no fat loss!
That been said, 5 lbs is a significant amount if you scan the relevant scientific literature.
Both protocols decreased fasting insulin levels (measure of insulin resistance), but the effect was significantly greater for HIIT compared to SSE.
The researchers assume that the changes in HIIT may have been influenced by underreported changes in diet.
Anyhow, atleast this study does shows that high intensity intermittent training (HIIT) is more effective & efficient than steady state cardio to keep your body fat in check. Exercise Biology stands far part from other fitness sites by taking an evidence-based approach to common man's health, fitness, nutrition & building muscle. Dietary intervention or diet has been shown to be significantly more effective in losing weight than just exercise alone. In this recent study, the researchers compared the current exercise guidelines for weight loss with an exercise protocol which involves brief, high-intensity exercise followed by brief slightly longer low intensity exercise (HIIT or interval training).
The subjects started out with .5 kg resistance and worked as hard as they could during the 8 sec sprint.

Subjects started the program at his intensity for 10-20 minutes and gradually increased it to a maximum of 40 min of exercise per session. Mind you, it’s only 5 lbs in 15 weeks which still shows the ineffectiveness of exercise alone in losing weight. According to the 2006 Cochrane review on exercise, the average weight loss was 1-1.5 ( 3lbs) with a follow up between 3-12 months. As other studies have shown, HIIT may have suppressed appetite or decreased attraction to energy rich foods. Subjects started with as little as 5 min of conditioning phase and gradually increased it to a maximum of 20 min.
The study do note the presence of responders and non responders: participants who were the leanest lost the least amount. Another explanation is that this type of intense exercise may result in increased fat utilization for the HIIT group. Is interval training or HIIT more effective & efficient in losing weight than regular cardio?

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