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Nestle Soleil Diet Yoghurt - Vanillaby Vanessa M (follow)I started buying the vanilla-flavoured Nestle Soleil Diet Yoghurt when I realised just how poor value my previous yoghurt choice was. I'm not on a diet but I particularly like the fact that there is no fat, as I have been trying to cut down on my intake of saturated fat in particular. As well as the value this product offered (which is increased by the fact it often seems to be on sale), the presence of less that 1% added sugar was another reason I bought it. My theory was that having less sugar might make the Nestle Soleil yoghurt more to my taste. It turned out to be a good idea, as this yoghurt isn't too sweet for me and I always end up eating a lot. However, while the taste is definitely one I like, others might miss the sweeter flavour you can get elsewhere.
It's largely a consequence of having a packed fridge, where other products keeping knocking it, but I still don't think it should come off so easily. The lid seems to come off too easily Furthermore, the first time I bought the yoghurt, after a few days I noticed there seemed to be tiny, grainy bits throughout it, though it still tasted fine. Since then, all that's happened is that it gets a bit watery on the top, but that's nothing unusual and I just stir it back in. I have to say I'm definitely very satisfied with this product and it has become a weekly purchase.
For those who want a little more flavour, you can also get Nestle Soleil Diet Yoghurts in mixed berry, passionfruit, and peach and mango.

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