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Our low-carb lunch recipes, including low-carb salads, low-carb chicken recipes, easy sandwich recipes and more, are perfect lunch recipes to pack for work or enjoy at home.
Bento box style lunches for kids have been growing in popularity, and some moms rave about how they can make packing an organized, healthy lunch that’s also fun to eat, a whole lot easier. I’ve been leery of tray and bento style lunch containers for a long time, for two reasons.
So far there has been zero issues with Cedar excitedly opening his lunch and having it spill (my main worry).
PlanetBox and the dipper containers are not made to keep food hot and CANNOT be microwaved. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Whether youa€™re following a low-carb diet or trying to cut back on carbs to lose weight, our low-carb lunch recipes are easy options for a satisfying lunch.

So when my son Cedar and I recently got the chance to review the PlanetBox Complete set we were eager to give it a try. One, I keep imagining Cedar opening his lunch too fast and food flying everywhere and two, they seem really small.
The PlanetBox works very well at keeping dry food items in the container you originally place it in. For low-carb meal ideas, try our Veggie Egg Salad for a new take on traditional egg salad or Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken for an easy low-carb salad recipe to pack-and-go. The set includes the PlanetBox, a safe, food grade quality stainless steel meal container; a stainless steel big dipper container, a stainless steel little dipper container.
I was able to pack him enough food for lunch plus two small snacks using both the PlanetBox and carrying bag.
Single serve yogurts don’t fit well anywhere in the carry bag and I had to send an extra little bag to school with an ice pack.

If you like to send hot foods or microwave-ready foods, you’ll need to send an extra, microwave container along. A whole sandwich made with average-sized bought or homemade wheat bread doesn’t fit into this compartment unless you cut the crust and a bit of bread off. Also, the original recipe called for some salt in the crust but I didn’t like it so I took it out. Really the only reason you would need a fork is if you don’t like folding your slice (folding keeps it rigid). Search this website Never Miss a Post Enter Your Email Links on this site may be affiliate links.

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