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Some people mistakenly believe that a no carb diet or low carb diet plan is the answer they have been looking for to burn off unwanted body fat. Ever since the start of the Atkins diet fad, all I ever hear is that in order to trim your physique, burn fat, and get skinny, you must follow a no carb diet or consume only small amounts of carbohydrates (less than 20g per day).
Not only is this premise ridiculously dogmatic as it assumes it to be impossible to burn considerable amounts of body fat while consuming a substantial amount of carbohydrates, but if followed, it also can lead to less than desirable outward appearances and actually hinder your ability to reach your personal fitness goals; not to mention that such a diet would be extremely boring. If you are only concerned with lightening the load on the scale, a no carb diet or low carb diet plan may temporarily give you the results you desire. Contrary to what you may have heard, the muscles in the human body need sufficient amounts of carbohydrates along with protein to grow.
This happens because your body, realizing it is lacking the glycogen found in carbohydrates, will turn to body fat for fuel.
While this seems like a good thing, the body will also begin converting amino acids from protein into energy for your body as well resulting in muscle loss.
Almost everyone I have ever heard claim success from a low carb diet have been noticeably lacking in muscle development. While they had lost some body fat, they had also lost significant amounts of muscle mass in the process leaving their body soft to the touch and still left with the undesirable "flabby" outward physical appearance. Unless you are supplying your body with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, you will lose muscle mass, period. For those of you who think that you could stand to lose some muscle mass for the sake of burning fat, let me tell you about another adverse side affect of depriving your body of carbohydrates - a dragging metabolism. In other words, someone with a high metabolism will burn more calories by performing their normal daily activities than someone with a lower metabolism who performs the exact same activities.
Simply put, greater muscle mass equals more calories naturally burned, which leads to lower fat levels on your body. When you follow a no carb diet or low carb diet and deprive your body of carbohydrates, you lose muscle mass which forces your metabolism to take a dive. This is also the reason that most people who discontinue their no carb diet or low carb diet will actually end up with more body fat than before they began the diet in the first place. This happens precisely because their metabolism is now lower than before they began following the low carb diet, and reverting back to eating the same amount of food as before results in more body fat as their body is now less effective at naturally burning away the calories. I want to iterate that eating an irresponsible amount of carbohydrates can lead to many health problems including diabetes, hypoglycemia, and obesity to name a few. But used in the proper proportions, carbohydrates are an integral and necessary component of any nutrition plan being followed with the hopes of maintaining or building muscle. I don't know about you, but I enjoy the sweet taste of a banana, a refreshing glass of milk, a crunchy bowl of honey-nut Cheerios, or for my college friends, a healthy portion of Ramen Noodles. I could not imagine abstaining from eating carbohydrates; what a boring diet that would be indeed!
Finally, I want to make the point that the most effective, healthy, and personally satisfying way to lose weight is by combining a disciplined fat loss nutrition plan with an effective exercise program. Words cannot explain the satisfaction attained from knowing that I am completely responsible for the successes I have achieved by exerting steadfast dedication and knowing that no one can take it away from me. I can think of no other experience or feeling of accomplishment that compares to the thrill of seeing the results produced on my body from weeks of hard work at the gym and following a disciplined fat loss diet plan - this is what I absolutely love about body building! Well, without sufficient carbohydrate intake, it would be impossible to sustain any kind of intensity in my workouts and any intense exercise performed would actually be counter-productive as my body would be stealing energy from the very muscles I am working so hard to build which would actually result in a net decrease in muscle mass. If you want to lose body fat, build muscle mass and keep the new body you have worked so hard to get, a no carb diet or low carb diet will leave you disappointed.
Carb cycling works by giving your body the fuel it needs to increase your metabolism and create a calorie deficit to increase fat loss.
There are typically three types of days when carb cycling- Notice some will not go “NO carbs” but instead follow a low to moderate and then high rotation. Generally, if you do three days the three days are rotated, or cycled, equally, but there are many ways people set up a carb cycle. Example: 4 low days and then a high, 2 low a no carb day and 1 high, 2 low 1 moderate and 1 high, etc. Example: If you are taking in 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, a 200-pound male should eat at least 33 grams of protein at each and every meal.
This type of diet focuses on daily manipulation of carbohydrate consumption-hence the name “Carb Cycling” so carbs are a very important part of this diet.
There are three types of days in the diet, and they vary only by the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed.
The high carb day is established using the same method, only this time, increasing your protein and carbohydrate intake while decreasing your fats.
You'll want to focus the majority of these calories right around the training period since this is when your body needs them the most.
Be aware that low and no days aren't exactly going to be easy, but you're going to get great results if you can push through them.
I have tweaked my own numbers and they are a bit higher than the recommended protein to achieve the goals I have set for myself.
I will start by saying that this, IN NO WAY, is an attack against anybody's personal views or opinions.

I tend to agree, low carb yes, zero carb keto no, short term say 2 weeks to shed some water sure.. I used the diet for my last contest and my muscles were full and hard (I did do the glycogen super-recomposition phase prior to the contest). Keto diets are bad for people that are inactive and never should be done for more than 8 weeks at a time. As far as strength goes you're always stronger after the carb up (body opus is 5 day carb deplete and 2 day carb load). My point was it IS NOT a healthy way to lose weight (not just fat because you lose muscle as well).
With the Opus I find that the first couple of weeks I get slightly weaker but then after that my strength goes up overall. When starting the keto diet, you want to make sure that you hit your fat and protein goals while you keep carbohydrates low. Keeping your macros in line will maximize fat loss and spare muscle, making you a lean, fat-burning machine!
Some excellent food sources of these electrolytes include: Lite Salt, bouillon (or salty both broth), avocados and spinach.
Now, the reason for that style of intro, is because I’ve talked about building abs before. But before I do that, you may wonder what was the inspiration behind bringing this topic up again. And once again, before I reveal these gut ripping strategies, let’s revise what we already know. Now, if you have downloaded the FREE Build a 6 pac from flab to flat ebook, you would already know that there are a vast amount of exercises that you can perform in order to build a rock solid set of abs. Because this is arguably the best exercise that will help shred away that extra percentage of fat that sits around and under the lower area of your abdomen.
And of course, the best part is when you alternate and lift your knees to the left or to the right.
Now, before I tell you why almond milk makes the list of foods for a gut ripping diet, while building muscle while at the same time to maintain your lean shredded abs, let’s look at the foods that are essential in the process of building muscle.
Milk – Milk is the food that ectomorphs can guzzle down by the gallon as a part of the 70% diet strategy to build muscle. With that being said, Almond milk makes for a great alternative to whole or even half fat milk on your quest to shredding your outer gut.
If we go back to the best foods for abs post, all those eon’s ago, you would have seen that eating whole foods made the list.
Here’s a comprehensive 6 pac building video guide that I often refer to from time to time. Incoming search terms:oblique (212)perfect obliques (78)30 gym 70 diet (72)oblique abs (63)real abs (63)no obliques (51)toned obliques (47)obliques abs (45)shredded obliques (45)building abs (40)Be Sociable, Share! Most people have the misconception that consuming low carbs on a day to day basis for long periods of time is good for them. While high carb diets help to speed your metabolism, they are not ideal for weight-loss or reduction of body fat as there is not a sufficient deficit to help you shed the pounds.
Carb cycling is an in between Zig Zag type method that will give you the benefits of both a low and high carb diet which allows you to hold on to the muscle you already have and shed body fat. If the same person is set on a 5 meal per day plan they should eat a minimum of 40 grams of protein per meal and 28 if you are consuming 7 to achieve the same totals.
Plus by doing so, you'll find that the rest of the day stays quite similar in terms of meal planning to your low carbohydrate days.
I choose oats for these meals because it’s easy to measure and I don’t mind eating the same thing over and over.
You do dehydrate at first but I always drink tones of water and on the weekend carb load it is never a problem. I also don't think that anyone should stay in ketosis for more than 5 days at a time either. I believe wholeheartedly that following a keto diet is the fastest and most-effective way to lose weight and balance blood sugar without feeling hungry or deprived.
To do so, I recommend that you enter your stats into the Keto Calculator by Ankerl or by Craig at You can still lose weight regardless of whether or not you choose to eat sweeteners, but when it comes down to sweetener vs.
Some people still lose weight like crazy while they drink diet coke and make keto-friendly treats.
Like I stated previously, many people experience the keto flu due to electrolyte imbalances.
This is mostly water weight from your glycogen stores, but you might even notice changes in your body that quick. No, in fact what I KNOW will work best in order to build a rock sold set of 6 or 8 pac abs in record time (3-4 weeks). In fact, perform 3 x 30 reps every single workout, and I can guarantee that you will see noticeable results a day or 2 after EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT!

Those little alternations will indeed play a part into building oblique and lower ab super shreddedness. Muscle growth, also known as muscle hypertrophy, is achieved through training the muscles and feeding them the nutrition they need to grow.
The main problem with low-carb diets is that they are meant as temporary diets; they deplete your energy and strength and are not the best method when attempting to lose body fat and retain muscle.
This type of diet will also help you maintain your sanity, strength, and endurance through the entirety of your program.
Of course depending on your goal you may take your protein higher or lower, adjusting accordingly. Only you will be able to discern if you are going too low for you to function properly throughout your day. Multiply your bodyweight by the numbers provided below OR by your own set number to figure how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats you will take in each day.
He suggested that by limiting the amount of carbs ingested your body is forced into a state of ketosis where it burns fat for energy. It causes you to have low blood sugar levels and places an undue amount of strain on the kidneys.
This is accomplished by working out, they are sweated out, and also breathed out (hense the bad breath and stinky urine). On the last day of carb depleteing I've notice that while I'm still strong I don't have a lot of staying power in an exersice, I'd say that my one rep max would stay the same.
But I weighed 185 pounds on new years when I started the diet and my strength increased all the way to my contest. Personally, I find MyFitnessPal to be most user-friendly, but I love CRON-O-Meter because you can also track micronutrients very easily. When your body begins to produce ketones, excess will be rapidly excreted through the kidneys and could very easily dehydrate you. After the first week, you should start to notice increased energy, mental clarity and possibly even feelings of euphoria! All you need to do is focus on compound exercises that hit all the muscle groups of your body, and a decent amount of 30 minute high intensity cardio sessions.
However, milk is high in fat (unless you go half fat post workout) and most people become lactose intolerant on their way to adulthood.
A simple way to target both aspects of hypertrophy is to train heavy for a week and then train light for a week.
This number reflects the grams of protein required per day; multiple this total by 4 for your number of calories consumed by protein sources. To figure out the calorie consumption you will take the number and multiply it times 4 for both protein and carbs and times 9 for fat.
Since the brain requires carbohydrates for fuel limiting carbs can lead to dizziness, disorientation and nausea. Of course your muscles will rebound and fill out when you carbs up, what I ma warning against is the practice of running this kind of eating plan on a continuous basis which many do. To prevent dehydration, also be sure to get enough electrolytes from your food or supplements. Continually rotating back and forth in this manner will ensure that you're adding mass to your physique, while also increasing the size of your muscle cells, making your muscles grow as large and as fast as possible.This was a Guest Post by Craig Leonard. Be sure to keep the daily ratios consistent with whatever meal plan you choose; more food per meal if you do 5 meals and less food per meal if you do 7. Granted I hadn't dialed the diet in right otherwise I would have looked better (as my crappy legs in my avatar demonstrate). I was so thirsty the day before and the day after I felt sick from indulging in too much sugar. This process (depleting the body of carbs) is also extremly catabolic so expect to lose alot of muscle as well. It works for quick fat loss and that's why many bodybuilders use it as they get close to contest time. Bottom line here folks is, this is a very un-natural and un-healthy state to put your body in for the sake of a few pounds. I have seen so many guys at my gym follow Atkins to a T and they drop a ton of weight but look like total shit! But the knee lift exercise will help you rip up your lower abdomen like no other exercises can. And it is that body feature that will make you stand out in a crowd when you strip down this summer. Carb depleting and carb loading are an integral part of contest dieting BUT in the real world you need carbs to function properly and be healthy.

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