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Whether your goal is to build muscle, see your abs, or get back in shape, this simple carb cycling plan will help you eat healthy and stay consistent. This is called “carb cycling” and it’s our nutritional secret weapon that will help turn your body in a muscle-building, fat-burning machine.
While it has a fancy name, carb cycling is nothing more than eating more carbohydrates on some days (High Carb days) to help promote muscle growth and eating less carbohydrates on other days (Low Carb days) to help minimize fat gain and even promote fat loss. We focus on carbohydrates (and not protein or fats) because carbs seem to have the most influential effect on body composition and how you look.
So what would a typical week for a guy who wants to stay lean, improve his health, and gain a little muscle look like? Notice how both the High Carb days and Low Carb days are virtually the same (lots of protein, veggies, and fat) with just one simple replacement: we replaced grains and fruit with greens. In other words, wherever there was a starchy carbohydrate (grains or fruit), we simply added in vegetables to take its place. On High Carb days, eat starchy carbs and fruit along with your protein, veggies, and healthy fats.
On Low Carb days, don’t eat starchy carbs or fruit, but continue to eat protein, veggies, and healthy fats. There’s a fine line between gaining as much muscle as possible while keeping fat gain to a minimum.
I have a very active job(75-90% manual labor depending on the week) and carb cycling has been something tough for me to nail down.
Based on your situation and depending on how fast your metabolism is you may not need to or even want to carb cycle since you’re burning a lot of calories with your job anyways. The key is to start with a baseline and this article outlines a good starting point and then adjust from there as needed based on your individual circumstances and needs. The easiest way to get started with carb cycling is to follow the plan outlined above and then adjust from there. Remain unconvinced about carb cycling or any other sure-fired way of eating that works for everybody, but kudos to you for an easy to read and understand post. I’d try to stay away from fatty meats every day of the week and instead get your fats from more healthy sources like coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc.
I workout 3 times a week doing HIIT first and then I lift and the forth day I usually jog or go mountain biking, so for the day that I do cardio and lifting I guess I could do the High Carbs Day, is that correct?

Yeah, the day you do lifting (even if you’re doing cardio too) is the day to go higher carbs.
2) What about someone doing longer cardio, upwards of 60 minutes a day at a pretty high intensity, in addition to lifting (such as a triathlete)–should they just stick to a solid nutrition plan and accept they probably can’t build huge amounts of muscle training like that? 2) With everything in life you have to weigh your priorities and make sacrifices based on your priorities. Carb cycling is not a panacea, but it does have a lot of benefits especially for guys looking to increase muscle mass while still staying relatively lean.
Thanks for your reply Calvin :) He doesn`t compete but has been lifting for many years, is very nicely muscled, and is quite knowledgeable on nutrition and different aspects of it as well as training. The real key is to find a good nutrition and training program that you will follow and stick with it while your body adjusts to it as a baseline.
On a bit of a side note, in Nate’s BSB his low carb days still consist of a quite a few carbs. I’ve been eating lots of carbs and fat every day all winter to get as many calories as possible, and I want to shed the extra body fat that came along with it before summer.
For those interested in this concept Carbo Back Loading by Kiefer goes into this in much more detail. On the days you lift weights, eat starchy carbs along with protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.
On the days you’re either off from the gym or are doing some kind of intervals or cardio, don’t eat any starchy carbs, but continue to eat protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. This is because you’re avoiding starchy carbohydrates which fill you up fast and contain a lot of calories. The reason we relegate High Carb days to the days you lift is because your muscles will be ready to soak up all those nutrients after a tough workout.
If you get in the habit of eating crap food on your High Carb days, your body will be more prone to pack on body fat thanks to the combination of high blood sugar, high blood insulin, and high blood fat.
Instead, use our simple carb cycling rules to turn your body into a fat burning, muscle-building machine.
Can you get away with low card all the time or is there actually a better fat burning effect from cycling? I hear so many people say that fatty meats aren’t healthy and I hear others say that they are fine.

My question is this… I work 3rd shift so I workout right after work, eat, and hit the sac right away. I have a BB friend who says that he prefers his carbs on rest day as well because he doesn`t believe in depriving his muscles of the nutrients for repair. I`m trying to find the best way that my body responds to training and eating and I`ve looked into carb cycling, carb back loading, IF and the like. Would you eat 3500kcal including carbs on the weight days then 2500kcal on non-weight days to maintain the balance? Can’t those can be equally or more devastating (calories burned) as an upper body lifting day (where you Rx high carb).
What I’m thinking is to go low carb every day with the exception of taking a high carb recovery drink before and after working out, would that work?
Should I perhaps keep my high carb days to the days I train legs and then keep it low carb for other muscle groups?
But the more you stick to the “Eat This” Carb List, the better off you and your body will be. Would you counter this by eating more on lifting days so as to make for instance your overall weeks calories the same. Or do I have to eat carbs through the day to gain muscle (or at least not lose what little I have)? While I don’t follow CBL as strictly as Keifer suggests, it certainly requires more work than this to be truly effective.
She disappears for a minute then returns with a basket of fresh bread and sets it in front of you.
In the S2B coaching program we have our guys eat 3 muscle meals and 3 super shakes each day.

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