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The makers of sodastream have come out with some great sugar-free sodas that are suitable for a low-carb diet, and best of all, have no aspartame!
My husband got me a sodastream for my birthday last year, and at first I wasn’t that excited. The cost of sodastream is pretty reasonable, even though the price of the CO2 canisters may make you wince a little.
I hope you get a chance to check it out if you want a low-carb and sugar-free soda that has no aspartame.
This matcha frozen yogurt recipe is a no-sugar and nonfat substitute for green tea ice cream. If you are using commercial Greek yogurt, add up to 3 Tbsp of skim milk so that the mixture is thin enough to use with your ice cream maker. Add rice and cook another 30-40 minutes until the rice is tender, adding more water if needed. Serve with a dollop of yogurt cheese, and top with sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper, and chopped chives. One of the best things about our sodastream is that we cut back on the amount of cans and bottles we have to recycle.

Places that sell sodastream will take your empty canister and give you a substantial discount on a new one. One day, when my inner nerd made an appearance, I calculated the cost of sodastream compared to the cost of buying cans of soda.
And if you aren’t ready to shell out for the whole system,  you could buy the sugar-free syrup and use it with purchased carbonated water. If you are using homemade yogurt cheese or plain yogurt, you probably won’t need to add any extra liquid.
When the frozen yogurt comes out of the ice cream maker, it is the consistency of soft ice cream.
The best way to know the calorie count is to look at the nutritional information label on the yogurt that you use, since that makes up most of the recipe and can vary a bit from brand to brand (the matcha, splenda, and extra milk don’t add many calories). I also added quite a bit of water whilst it was churning because the mixture was very thick and my ice cream maker started making funny noises and seemed to be overheating. Try some yogurt cheese as a garnish – the cool tanginess of the yogurt goes well with the spicy curry flavour. Squeeze the lime over the jicama sticks (use half for a small jicama, the full lime for a large one).

It takes a lot of energy to move and melt cans and bottles, so it’s better just to reuse a container if you can. I came to the conclusion that sodastream costs about the same as a really good sale on canned soda. If you put it in the freezer, the consistency becomes like hard ice cream after a couple of hours. However, the rice will continue to soak up water as it sits – you will probably need to add more water to it when you reheat it!
Sprinkle the cayenne to taste (NOTE: if cayenne is too spicy for you, you can substitute paprika). You know, that’s the same day you organize your closets, alphabetize your filing cabinet, and clean out the back of your freezer.

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