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Using a sharp serrated knife cut each roll into about 1 inch pieces, you should get 8-10 pieces, you will also have your end, while they don’t look as pretty you can still eat them. Can you please please please consider making healthy tortillas that is very low in carb, high in fat, and have no glutten?
Buffalo chicken is practically synonymous with Game Day snacking, making these Buffalo Chicken Roll Ups a natural first round draft pick. Anywho, I based this recipe off of a recipe that I found in Clean Eating Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2. And such pretty photos (I never find frittatas very photogenic – you rocked it!) Pinned! Frittata are our absolute favorite to make on the weekends so I see this one happening soon!

I can’t wait to break out the cast iron skillet again for some fun frittata making time! Welcome to This Gal Cooks, a place where I share simple, savory and sweet recipes as well as many healthier options.
Whether you want to give her a lovely coffee and a home baked muffin in bed or cook something a little more savory, we have rounded up some great ideas for you.
Customer feedback and suggestions are very, very important to us, and we are always looking for ways to help our customers live the happiest, healthiest (and most convenient) lives possible.
Grape tomatoes, petite potatoes, and little baby mushrooms – they all have a place in my heart. When I'm not busy at my day job or working on this blog, I enjoy traveling, eating copious amounts of peanut butter and dreaming of new ways to decorate my house.

There it will be in good hands as we ideate, create and test new recipes – maybe the next tortilla to market just might be yours! They had a place in my napkin, as in me spitting them into my napkin when my mom made me try them. I’m happy to say that I will be taking a permanent vacation from APA land starting in August.

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